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Vici Gaming crowned champion of ESL One New York

The Chinese charge is on! And it was Vici Gaming who stepped up to the plate in ESL One New York – taking down Evil Geniuses after three epic games to bring home the trophy and $53,000 in prize.

Prior to facing Evil Geniuses, the widely regarded number one Chinese team took the tougher side of the bracket, having to play Natus Vincere and top European team, Team Secret, in the semis. While Na`Vi put up an unexpectedly good fight in the quarter-finals, Team Secret underperformed in the semi-finals and Vici Gaming swept them two to nothing.

While Evil Geniuses may not have played against the most glamorous teams but their quarter-final opponent Alliance and semi-final opponent Cloud 9 sure gave them a run for their money before they make the grand final.

After it was all set and done, the stage was set for the biggest encounter between the strongest Eastern Dota 2 team and strongest Western Dota 2 team. Finishing 2-1 against Alliance and Cloud 9 including a possible game of the year, Evil Geniuses were clearly fatigued judging from their sloppy plays in game one against Vici Gaming.

Using the Brewmaster and Ember Spirit as core, Vici Gaming controlled the tempo in game one and denied EG any chance to stage a comeback through repetitive Roshan kills. On the verge of losing the championship, EG came back with a vengeance in game two and ended the game in mere 33 minutes, right before Black’s Anti-Mage would have went out of control.

Game three on the other hand, was a huge back and forth between both teams and while Evil Geniuses have the lead in kills, Vici Gaming had a better farm on their four cores. By the time the game approached 40 minutes, it is obvious that EG’s Omniknight has been rendered useless by the Diffusal Blade on Sand King.

As the game went on, Vici Gaming heroes are now evidently too tanky for EG to handle. After picking off Omniknight and a three-man Burrowstrike to a perfect wombo-combo by Invoker, the Americans conceded the game and the championship to Vici Gaming.

Prize pool distribution at the time of writing:

1. Vici Gaming – $53,158
2. Evil Geniuses – $26,579
3-4. Cloud 9 – $13,290
3-4. Secret – $13,290
5-8. Alliance – $6,645
5-8. Na`Vi – $6,645
5-8. Na`Vi.US – $6,645
5-8. Sneaky Nyx Assassins – $6,645

VODs from ESL One New York:

VG vs EG
VG vs Secret

EG vs Cloud 9
Secret vs Na`Vi.US

VG vs Na`Vi
EG vs Alliance
Cloud 9 vs SNA