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The StashDen Showmatch #4: KCR VS Sino Wander


Winner: Sino Wander
Runner-Up: KCR

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StashDen Showmatch #4 Game 1

Watch live video from stashden on TwitchTV

StashDen Showmatch #4 Game 2

Watch live video from stashden on TwitchTV


 Team Sino Wander  2-0    Team KCR

 Sino Wander takes the Stashden Showmatch #4 over  KCR with a 2-0 score. Despite being a lesser known team, KCR managed to pull off a pretty good fight against the well known top Malaysian team. We hope we can see more of KCR in future Dota tournaments in Malaysia and showcase their game to the public yes?

The StashDen Showmatch #4: Sino Wander vs KCR

The Stashden Dota Showmatch #4 starts tonight! Our little Showmatch aims to bring up unsung teams not appearing much in the mainstream gaming media, but consistently try their best to improve and place well in various tournaments, and we would like to give these teams a chance to gain more exposure as well as chances to play on a broadcasted stream.

This week, we will be retaining the winning team from our last showmatch, against a team that we think everyone should take notice and know about. Together with our partners I-RocksJayacom Industries,BenQ Malaysia , Doof Industries, and E-club Malaysia we’d like to continue our Stashden Showmatch #4. The games will be streamed and casted online so everyone can tune in and watch all the live action together.

The Stashden Showmatch #4 will be played by

 Team Sino Wander vs   Team KCR

 Sino Wander, with 3 former  Invasion.Gigabyte‘s players, have re-solidified their position as one of the top notch mid-tier teams in Malaysia, just below the 2 big boys. They ended last week’s Showmatch in a dominating fashion, and they would definitely look to repeat the same results as they did this week.  KCRon the other hand, has been around since vanilla Dota days. They were invited to the AMD Premier League Season 2 qualifiers by DotaTalk recently, and lost their game to Sino Wander. Shall we take this as a revenge match for team KCR as well? We shall see in the Stashden Showmatch #4!

 Team Sino Wander

 Wilson “ShenGG” Quak
 Chee Fung “Clanton” Thoo
 Kai Sherng “Wuyann” Choi
 Mook Pin “Snow” Chong
 Chee Chong “Ghost” Wong
 Team KCR
 Abdul Fareez “Showtime-” Bin Hashim
Arien “Style-” Aieman
Dharwin “SuperDarwin-” Dhaimotoorn
Marlis “UjanG-” Bakri
Muaz “c4ndles-” Rodzi


The Secret Den

As the last Showmatch, we will be doing the Stashden Showmatch at our headquarters, the Stashden’s Secret Den in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya! The showmatch will be completely run, streamed, and casted here. We believe this would provide a better environment for the players to concentrate on their game, as well as gaming PCs from Jayacom Industries and gaming monitors from BenQ Malaysia. The default gaming hardware will be provided by I-Rocks, and exclusive bean bags provided by Doof Industries

Why should you tune in to the StashDen Showmatch ?

  1. Watch how the various high-placing local teams fare against each other. Which team shows improvement? Which team does not live up their their expectations?
  2. Learn from their strategies and decision making. We believe that the teams that we chose for our showmatches are generally better teams than most of the competitive teams in Malaysia (excluding the top 2-3 teams). For new competitive teams, they could always watch the international top professional team videos, but they might not have the knowledge or execution to pull off what the top professional teams do. The teams from our showmatches may not be playing as well as top international teams, but the matches may provide a lot of easily understandable knowledge that can help competitive teams trying to improve.
  3. No trolling allowed. We enforce the teams to play a serious match (for prizes) in a BO3 format, so everyone can be sure that the teams will be trying their best to win in the Showmatch.
  4. The teams invited for the showmatch are played in a LAN environment, thus everyone’s energy levels are high and much excitement ensues!
  5. Support the unsung heroes of the Malaysian scene!


The winner of the showmatch will receive:

How to watch ?

  1. The games will be casted and streamed, so tune in to our official channel
  2. The games will also be casted and streamed in the Malay language by our partnering channel
  3. Add our official Steam account to your friend’s list, and join the game by right clicking on us and select  ”Watch Game” during the showmatch. 

The StashDen Dota Showmatch will fire off tonight, Friday, 12th July 20139.00PM SGT Malaysian/Singaporean time (GMT+8), and played in a BO3 format. Both English and Malay casted streams will be online – follow our Facebook and our website for updates!

Once again, we’d like to thank our partners I-RocksJayacom IndustriesBenQ Malaysia , Doof Industries, and E-club Malaysia for making this event possible for Malaysian Dota 2 players!

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