DOTA 2 South East Asia

TARUC DOTA 2 Friendly Competition


Pinoy IG (PIG)

Weak Potato

丑事别再提 (CSBZT)

We The Five (WTF)

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  • 5th & 6th July 2014


  • DK X

Rules & Regulations:

GAME Rules are written down clearly in the link below, participants are required to READ & UNDERSTAND

Games will be BO1(Best of 1), only Semi final and Final will be BO3(Best of 3).

Games from Semi Final will be broadcasted LIVE on Twitch TV by Nemesis.Cy & XiaoBangGe, (want to know who are they, can follow MY Dota门户专页 fb page) Twitch link will be given soon.


* Money that were paid, CAN’T be refunded !
* On 5th July, all players MUST come to DK X at 10.30a.m. Bring all 5 ID cards for registration. We will have our speech by then, followed by a briefing for the competition and ballot(抽签) for the bracket.
* You can bring your friends along to watch your competition, they can also join the morning 11a.m. session in DK X.
* During the actual competition date, don’t forget to bring your ID card as proof !
* NO stand in / substitution allowed.
*Player have to be 15 mins early before their match start.
*Player is allow to bring their own gear(mouse, keyboard, headset or more), if he/she is not used to the gear in cyber cafe.
* Maximum 10 mins for setting up your gear.
* We are NOT going to Delay any matches, late comers will be DQ-ed.
* PLS DON’T use vulgar words or ridicule(嘲讽) your opponent. Respect others and respect yourself !
* We will randomly check for player’s ID card to make sure he/she is TARUC student. If the team is found to have student not from TARUC, they will be DQ-ed Immediately!
*Before & after a match, CHECK the equipment(mouse, keyboard, headphone and others). Team leader held responsible for damaged equipment !


Those who do not follow the rules, we have the rights to DISQUALIFY (DQ) your team !
It is player own responsibility to follow this page for future Details for the upcoming competition !


  • Champion – eClub Steam Voucher 3240pts x 5
  • 2nd Place – eClub Steam Voucher 1620pts x 5
  • 3rd Place – eClub Steam Voucher 1080pts x 5
  • 4th Plae – eClub Steam Voucher 540pts x 5

Registered Teams:

1. Dream Team
2. Next Level Dota
3. Stay In The Tree
4. High Level Gaming
5. 丑事别再提
6. Union’s
7. Team Doraemon
10. BigBraMonster
11. Super Dry
12. KK
13. G3
14. TBA
15. Fuxago
16. We The Five
17. D[3]M
19. Weak Potato
20. SMLJ
21. hm
22. Katz
23. Ace_G
24. Yolo
25. Coincidence
26. Mythos Gaming
27. M.O.T.H
28. PIG
29. S.M.L
30. DogDog
31. Puppies
32. Succubus Erika Neoh


  • The Registration is CLOSED ! Slots are FULL!
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The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.