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ROG Masters 2016 – DOTA 2

ROG MASTERS – Kicking Off Asia’s Biggest Ever eSports Tournament

200,000 USD tournament for newcomers with regional qualifiers and offline finals in Kuala Lumpur

Teipei, Taiwan – 15th August 2016 – ROG MASTERS is proud to present an eSports tournament of unprecedented magnitude, crafted specifically for Asia. Through a series of regional qualifiers, teams of all shapes and sizes will have the chance to prove themselves to the enormous Asian esports scene. Hopeful Dota 2 and CS:GO teams from across the continent will compete to represent their region in the Grand Final. The best of the best from all five regions will come together on November the 12th and 13th in Kuala Lumpur as the Malaysian capital city breathes eSports! The most talented teams in the world will battle it out at the ROG MASTERS offline finals for an overall prize pool of 200,000 USD.

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 Team Secret

About The Venue:

Designed to be a city within a city, the 100-acre site hosts the tallest twin buildings in the world, shopping mall, hotels, office buildings and several hotels. A public park and a mosque is also built on the area and open to everyone.
Find the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Google maps
GPS: (3.158514, 101.700152)


  • Group Stage November 10-11 (not open to public)
  • Playoffs November 12-13 (free entry)
  • Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC)


 Time(SGT/GMT+8)  Result
Nov. 11th, 15:00 Fnatic  vs   EHOME.X 0:2
Nov. 11th, 15:00  Execration  vs   ENTiTY 2:0
Nov. 11th, 15:00  Mineski  vs   Big and Black 2:0
Nov. 11th, 15:00  Team Secret  vs   Natural 9 2:0
Nov. 12th, 17:30 Mineski  vs  Team Secret  1:2
Nov. 12th, 20:45  EHOME.X  vs  Execration 0:2
Nov. 13th, 16:30  Execration  vs   Team Secret 0:3

Group Stage:

 # Group A W L Pts.
 1  Execration 1 0 3
 2  Natural 9 1 1 3
 3  MOL 0 0 0
 # Group B W L Pts.
 1  Fnatic 1 0 3
 3  MAX.X 0 1 0
 2  ENTiTY 1 1 3
 # Group C W L Pts.
 1  Team Secret 1 0 3
 3  Mongolz 0 1 1
 2  Big and Black 1 1 2
 # Group D W L Pts.
 1  Mineski 1 0 3
 1  EHOME.X 1 0 3
 3  Aggressive 5 0 2 0

Qualified Teams:

  1.  Next-Gen
  2.  Mineski
  3.  MOL
  4.  Mongolz
  5.  N9
  6.  BnB
  7.  MAX.X
  8.  EHOME.X
  9.  ETE
  10.  A5


Game Qualifier Winners
DOTA 2  Next-Gen

ROG MASTERS – South East Asian Representatives Get Ready for Their Final FightSouth East Asian Qualifier: Mineski, Next Generation, Sabertooth and Leapfrog qualified for 200,000 USD event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taipei, Taiwan – September 27th, 2016 – Exclusively tailored for Asia, ROG MASTERS continues its mission to uncover rising talent from the local Dota 2 and CS:GO scenes and catapult them into the spotlight. Over the weekend the South East Asian qualifier determined the best teams of the region, who will travel to the Grand Finals event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Strong contenders from China, Australia and Mongolia have already placed in the ROG MASTERS finals. Now, at the end of the SEA qualifier, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam have joined the elite group of finalists that wil fight for their 200,000 USD prize pool share between November 10th and 13th.
Further information:

With big names like Faceless and Execration going into the brackets, the Dota 2 SEA qualifier looked exciting right from the start. Everybody expected the Philippine side to easily make it into the finals, and indeed Execration notched up wins against Mineski-X and Eternal Creed early on. A respected team with serious credentials (their star players Abedd and Gabbi already proven TI veterans), they were battered by their final opponent of the day: Next Generation from Vietnam. NG’s stand-in SeeL stepped right up and took apart Execration on his own, impressing casters and community alike with his next-gen Dark Seer mechanics. Alongside him was his teammate DifferentHeaven, known to be the first Vietnamese player with an 8k MMR, and together they caused huge trouble for Execration. After 38 minutes, the favorites had to face the fact that they had lost their Grand Final spot to the Vietnamese underdogs.

The second bracket had unpredictable matches coming in, featuring big names like Mineski and Faceless. Faceless were the favorites to win since Mineski had a big question mark on their roster: their German player Black^. He had not played Anti-Mage for more than a year, which left even the casters wondering what his play style would be. After the first fights went in favor of Mineski, it became clear that Black^ was pulling no punches, decisively winning fight after fight. Faceless slowly lost ground and had to call GG after 33 minutes, unexpectedly dropping out of the tournament. For their part, Mineski carried their momentum into their final game against Rex Regum Qeon, from Singapore. Bimbo especially had a phenomenal performance, even killing all enemy players single-handedly at 37 minutes. Mineski’s ticket to Kuala Lumpur was well secured then.

Full Schedule:

Experience eSports in Kuala LumpurFurther information about the ROG MASTERS tournament schedule can be found on

Through a series of regional qualifiers in OCE, EA, SEA, CN, and ROA, the eSports stars of tomorrow are given a chance to shine for their home crowds. On November 12th and 13th, the best of the best from all five regions will come together for the Offline Grand Finals in Kuala Lumpur – the city that truly lives and breathes eSports!

With entry to the event totally free, the crowd will be loud and the competition will be fierce. The stakes are high: this is the chance to launch a career. The path is demanding, but a synergistic and well prepared team could come out victorious. Could it be you?

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Game Qualifier Winners

Game Qualifier Winners

Game Qualifier Winners
DOTA 2  N9

Game Qualifier Winners


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