DOTA 2 South East Asia


Lenovo proudly presents to you the Rise of Legion: Dota 2 Spring Season 1, 2019 tournament!

If you think you have what it takes, register your team right now!

Registration ends on AUGUST 1st, so hurry up and register your team!

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- All reward will be given out within 1 month period after tournament end.

Place Prizes Winner
USD$ 600 Team Cipher (TH)
USD$ 250 MSCaberus (TH)
USD$ 150 Abyss (PH)


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Scheduled Dates:

  • Admissions: Today – 1st August 2019
  • Bracket Announcement of the competition: TBA
  • Match starting from: TBA


  • Online Tournament

Tournament Format:

Series Type : Single Elimination Matches (Best of 1)
Competition Method : 5 v 5
Game mode : Captains Mode
Victory Condition : The first team to destroy the opponents ancient will be crowned the victors of the match up.
Patch used : The latest patches of the game will be used. If any bugs are exploited within the game, the team using the bugs to take advantages will be disqualified from the tournament (Decision of the gaming committee is absolute and cannot be challenged)

Game settings are as follows:

GAME MODE : Captains Mode (SEA SERVER)
Enable cheats : No
Fill empty slots with bots : No
PENALTY-DIRE : No penalty
SERIES TYPE : No series
PAUSING : Unlimited
DOTA TV DELAY : 5 minutes
Everyone is able to compete.

Patch used

The latest patches of the game will be used. If any bugs are exploited within the game, the team using the bugs to take advantages will be disqualified from the tournament (Decision of the gaming committee is absolute and cannot be challenged)

Rules & Regulations:

Starting times for match ups:

1. Both teams will have to contact each other and decide a time for the match up. Contacting each other through facebook or the beyond godlike Dota 2 tournament page.

2. If the teams do not have an agreed match time, one will be set for them which will be standard match time. 6.00 pm

3. If the team do agree on a certain match time, as evidence please record the conversation between the 2 teams for future references.

4. The teams that do not contact the other team for a match time will not be able to qualify for disqualifying the other team to win.

5. The servers which will be used for the match ups will be: South East Asian Server.

In Cases of disconnecting from the Game
1. The team with a disconnected player will have to press pause (F9) and will be given a 15 minute grace period of pausing the game before participants must continue the game. The player which has disconnected can still reconnect back into the game after this time period.
2. Once the player which has disconnected rejoins the game, both teams will agree that they are ready before the team that pauses clicks resume.
3. If the whole team disconnects due to issue, the team will have to contact the opposing team to pause the game temporarily.
4. Every time there is a pause, the team pausing will have to provide a reason for it. If there is no reason given, please contact the gaming authorities.
In cases of disconnecting from the game and not being able to rejoin
1. If there is still no ‘First blood’ and the game has not exceeded 10 minutes in game. Both teams may restart the match up.
2. If ‘First blood’ has happened or the game has already exceeded 10 minutes in game then both teams will have to carry on the match up.
Competition Rules:
1. No Cheating or Third Party programs are allowed.
2. Teams are not allowed to disconnect out of the game purposely and not give an explanation.
3. Teams are not allowed to purposely throw the game for the opposing team.
4. Game settings must match the defined settings above.
5. Teams are not allowed to use bugs or glitches to take unfair advantages.
6. Participants are not allowed to be more than 1 team for the competition.
7. Teams are not allowed to have another player replace another person during competition time.
8. Streaming the gameplay will not be allowed.
9. Being inappropriate or abusive through gestures and all chat during the competition will not be allowed.
Rules for Results:
1. The winning team must send the result of the match before 23:59 pm on the day of the match up. (Only team captains may send it in)
2. Team captains must fully fill in the information required.
3. If the winning team does not report their win before 23:59 pm on the day of the match up. Both teams will be awarded a loss.
4. Incase both teams does not have the match up on the designated day. They will be disqualified.
5. Tournament officials will check the results before Mid day the next day (12.00 Pm)
Rules of disqualification:
1. After 10 minutes in the lobby one of the teams still do not have the complete number of players. If both teams agree to change the match up time, this rule will not be used.
2. If both teams do not record the conversation for the match up time as evidence. A picture of the conversation can be used.
3. If the opposing team has a player with the wrong name and not within the competition, please send a screenshot as evidence to the authorities. And the opposing team will be disqualified.
(incase the match has already finished, teams may not use this rule to disqualify the other team as this would be considered that they failed to recognize before hand)
(proof for disqualification must include a picture file or a voice clip for the official judges)
Streaming and Spectating:
1. Unrelated players or people are not allowed to be within the match up spectators or observers. (Only members of the committee are allowed)
2. Teams and players as well as others are not allowed to stream or broadcast the gameplay without permission. If this is violated, you may be prosecuted under copyright law.
Contacting Tournament Officials for Information and Further information:
1. Rules maybe subjected to change according to tournament situations without notice.
2. The committees and officials decision is final and cannot be challenged or changed.
3. Participants must read the rules. Officials may disqualify players at any time.
4. In the case of changes or new patches are released a changed of rules set may be applied in order to ensure fairness.
5. In the case that bugs are found within the tournament which interferes with the tournament participants may screenshot a proof for tournament officials for judgement.
6. In the case that participants within the tournament are suspected of unfair play, penalty will be applied accordingly by the officials.
Reporting cases of unfairness and problems during the match:
1. Record evidence such as a photo or video clip.
2. Create a post for the Community or contact officials


  • Name & SurnameIngame NameE-mail (*improtant)ID steam** Referee reserves the right to give reward register player through the only web and is not responsible for inaccurate information (wrong information).
  • Video Guide for registration: Click to View Youtube Video




The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice

Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.