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Promotion: DOTA TALK Give Away Event

Promotion | Sup gamers?Let’s make this really quick! Because of your non-stop support at DotaTalk and SteelSeries.. We are happy to present ya’ll this simple and easy event! And since you are reading this, obviously you’re interested to win your very own…


To join, just grab a nice piece of paper, a pen and someone.
Yes, that’s right! If you’re too shy to show off your face publicly you can ask someone
to showcase your ‘fansign’ entry for you. Maybe your sister, girlfriend, mom, dad, friend or whoever you like. Oh! And don’t forget..
This event is all about creativity. (There are no restrictions)

Fansign Contents:

  • SteelSeries Logo, DotaTalk Logo & Dota 2 Logo.

Isn’t it simple? Oh come on.. why don’t you give it a try first? Who knows you’ll be our next LUCKY WINNER just like the people below! =)

Post Your Fansign Entry As a Comment Here:

Fansign Event


Sample Event

Past Winners:




Just make sure we can clearly see the content of your entry!
Event ends on the 12th of February.