DOTA 2 South East Asia


In the continued effort to promote Dota 2 in the Philippines, Pacific e-Sports is proudly organizing the first ever Philippine Dota 2 All-Star Invitational.

Seeing well-distinguished websites such as joinDOTA and TeamLiquid (both prominent sites covering WC3 Dota and Starcraft II respectively) give attention to Dota 2, and after the success of The International 2, the rise of Dota 2 among the world gaming population is undeniable. The Philippines is no different, as the players from our country sees a considerable increase every month.

Pacific eSports, in cooperation with CM Storm and PEOC, brings you the Philippine Dota 2 All-Star Invitational. This will be the country’s first Dota 2 invite-only competition, and it will be held this coming Wednesday, the 21st of November. Its primary goal is to continue the uplifting of the Dota 2 awareness of the local public, as well as to continue developing the players to make them more fit for international competitions.