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MSI Beat It 2014 – A Recap

Over the weekends, one of our E-Club staff members were invited as media to participate in MSI Beat It 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan and here is what he encountered during the event.

On the first day of the event, the players and media were treated to a welcome dinner which was followed by a photoshoot of the players in preparation for the event. After a well rested night, the media was hoisted to a shuttle bus where they traveled to MSI’s headquarters for a brief explanation of their products and also a tour of their gaming room and product room.

The MSI Beat IT event started on the third day and players and media alike woke up early to catch the shuttle bus headed towards the gaming hall. The players were led to the players lounge for make ups while the media got busy taking pictures of the event. Despite not being properly set up when we arrived, MSI stuck to their schedule and started the event at 10.30 sharp.

The Dota 2 matches began shortly after the opening ceremony but connection issues in the first hour left a bad taste for both the players and the spectators.

However, MSI was quick to resolve the issue and the games were once again underway. Virtus.Pro and CDEC were the two favourites coming into the tournament and while CDEC was looking invincible in the groupstage, VP lost their match against APAC qualifier winner Rave in the winner bracket final of their group and had to face Na`Vi.US again to secure their playoffs spot. After a momentary rage period in the players room, Virtus.Pro collected themselves and returned to the stage to defeat the Americans.

One of the biggest surprise of the groupstage was the elimination of Insidious Idol by South African team Bravado Gaming. Prior to MSI Beat It, Bravado was a team of unheard reputation and they surprised the under prepared Singaporean team in the loser bracket of their group. After defeating Insidious Idol, Bravado went on to even take one game off Team Immunity in the loser bracket final but their aim to reach the playoffs were routed in game two and three by the eventual second placer of the tournament.

Talks with some of the players from Bravado Gaming showed their innate passion for the game and their relentless pursuit to be recognized in the global scene. With the groupstage sealed and the top four teams decided, the players went back to the hotel for some well deserved rest.

Day two of the tournament started off slow and the game started with only half the spectator seats taken. Due to the seeding from the groupstage, the two favourites of the tournament faced off in the semi-finals and while the match was taking place on the main stage, Immunity versus Rave match kicked off in the gaming area.

Both the semi-finals game were interesting affairs with both matches going to game three but the more intense gaming session came from the restricted gaming area where Immunity and Rave were actively taunting one another verbally as the games progressed. At the end of the three hours long session, it was Immunity who came up on top and secured their spot in the grand final of the tournament

Immunity’s win over Rave was a particularly emotional moment for the Australians because this will be the first time they will be competing in a grand final of a global tournament. They were also happy that Virtus.Pro won against CDEC because they would prefer facing the Russians than the Chinese.

The Dota 2 players took a long break after the semis and proceeded to eat at the all-you-can-eat booth set up on the second floor as the Starcraft 2 semis went underway.

About three hours later, it was their time to compete again. In their first ever grand final debut, Immunity convincingly defeated Virtus.Pro in game one off VP.G’s mistakes. Virtus.Pro bounced back in game two off an overfed Slark in the early and mid game. Immunity swapped their roles in game three in hopes of surprising VP but the Russians have a trick up their sleeves as well. VP was on the offense from the get-go and despite great defensive plays by Immunity’s Windranger, the combination of Legion Commander and Necrophos was too much for Immunity to handle.

One game up, Virtus.Pro opted for a pushing line-up in which they failed miserably to push. The game was more or less decided when the opponent’s Ember Spirit went out of control but overconfidence is Immunity’s devil. Immunity’s confidence to win fights led themselves to be wiped twice and soon enough, Virtus.Pro had enough firepower to start pushing. With their back against the wall, Immunity called the “gg” and Virtus.Pro was crowned the champion of MSI Beat It 2014.

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