DOTA 2 South East Asia

MPGL DOTA 2 Philippines 6-8

Class S:

MSIEvoGT.TRIC vs Click N’ Search

MSIEvoGT entered the finals with a thirst for revenge and redemption. Fans will remember that Click N’ Search defeated MSIEvoGT 3-2 during the last leg’s finals and the latter had an early exit during the Tuguegarao’s Mayor’s Cup, and they proved too strong for Click N’ Search’s pushing line-up during the first game. xLucky and Julz duked it out on the mid but Julz proved to be the better farmer as his Lycan was way too fat having a medallion, BKB, treads and vlads in just 19 minutes. But despite Julz insane farm, Bayabas’ tide hunter sealed the deal with a very huge ravage during an engagement at the bottom that led to a GG call from MSIEvoGT.

Bayabas’ ravage that turned the tides around (Pun intended)

It was evident that pushing is not for Click N’ Search so they’ve switched to an AOE-burst damage based line-up. Julz played an Earthshaker mid but MSIEvoGT countered CnS’ line-up with Patty’s Chen for survivability and Doom for disrupting CnS’ combo. MSIEvoGT’s decision proved to be successful as they were able to grab the early lead and even burying CNS in terms of gold. After a fail Roshan attempt and a fail comeback-ish type of echoslam, CnS realized that MSI is already too much too handle. CnS tapped out once again.

You know you’re in deep trouble when your main carries are poorer that your enemy’s supports.

The third game showed what CnS needs. Play their own game. Click N’ Search opted for some rat dota while the other will try to give as much space needed with Viper, Naga Siren, Enigma core while MSIEvoGT still played their usual orthodox picks. Things are doing great for MSIEvoGT since Enigma was completely shut down by the global silence. But MSI’s problem emerged when, at 19 minutes, Naga Siren joined the clash with a full radiance. From then on, relentless pressure came from all over the place for MSIEvoGT until Julz’ Naga Siren is already too much to handle. MSIEvoGT called the GG and CNS was up on the board with 1.

The Rat is real!

Game 4 took the spotlight away from the more known players and focused on Polo. Polo on his signature Razor spearheaded the team fight/push-centric draft of Click N’ Search. Things are getting good on MSI’s side up until some bad decisions from them came into play. With their initiatior being picked off twice in a row and CNS’ heroes getting BKBs, the magic burst draft of MSIEvoGT was nullified and can’t do anything as soon as the two eye of the storm knocked on their doors. With the win, CNS tied the series 2-2.

Polo is reall a rider of the storm

Fifth game is a game that deserves to be called a “final”. Both teams have their orthodox line-up. Everything is in even grounds up until the final minutes of the game. MSI had the upper had during the first simultaneous push but they saved Lycan’s wolf form and decided to get back and defend. That’s where everything fell apart from them. CnS killed them one by one until their Templar Assassin is out for quite some time but Bayabas’ Nature’s Prophet saved them the game with a perfectly timed push with a big creep wave and necro. The base race ended wtih Bayabas winning the game for MSIEvoGT.

Base Race? No Problem

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  • Champion P13,000 + 25 league points
  • 2nd Place P6,000 + 18 league points
  • 3rd Place P4,000 + 15 league points
  • 4th Place P2,000 + 12 league points
  • 5th Place P1,500 + 10 league points
  • 6th Place P1,500 + 8 league points
  • 7th Place P1,500 + 6 league points
  • 8th Place P1,500 +4 league points

Class A:

Metro Manila:

  • Date: 24th August 2014

 Rest of PH:

  • Date: 24th August 2014

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