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MPGL DOTA 2 Philippines 6-7

Class S:

As we enter the second half of the year with the seventh leg of this season of the Mineski Pro-Gaming League presented by GIGABYTE  DOTA 2 Class S, we realize that the chant by the fans might be true. It’s because, once again, Julius “Julz” De Leon. made another successful campaign towards the pinnacle of the local DOTA 2 scene.

The four-time MPGL Champion once again takes the centerstage as his new team, Click N’ Search, grabbed their first-ever MPGL Class S Championship.

MPGL 6-7 champs, Click N’ Search
(left to right) Bogsy, Julz, Yamaguchi, Polo, Mison

Click N’ Search entered the play-offs as one of the dark horse of the tournament. They are not the clear favorites .Their group had Pacific.Revitalize, Olympus.Gods, Team Cavite, and the defending champions, MSIEvoGT.TRIC. Julz and the gang managed to exit the dreaded groupstage with a flawless score not dropping a single game throughout the phase.Fortunately for the defending champs MSIEvoGT, they somehow managed to edge Olympus^Gods with a 2-0 win against Team Cavite, which the latter scored a tie, this became the factor that made them go on to the playoffs.

On the other hand, Group B saw Interactive Philippinesdominating, going 7-1, only dropping a game against Powerplay, while Powerplay managed to take the second slot with a 6-2 score and this would be enough for them to join the other qualified teams into the next round.

From here on out, the other teams gave Click N’ Search a hard time. The team’s play-offs performance was not as flawless as the groupstages.But they’ve waxed hot when it mattered most; Click N’ Search scored 2-1 against Powerplay during the semi-finals. While MSIEvoGT.TRIC swept InterActive Philippines to claim the other slot of the Grand Finals.

During the finals, Click N’ Search and the defending champions faced each other to a ,what Filipino fans says, “better grand finals than TI4″. Click N’ Search managed to win against MSIEvoGT.TRIC 3-2 in a very close series.

Watch these videos to see how Click N’ Search  won against MSIEvoGT.



  • Champion P13,000 + 25 league points
  • 2nd Place P6,000 + 18 league points
  • 3rd Place P4,000 + 15 league points
  • 4th Place P2,000 + 12 league points
  • 5th Place P1,500 + 10 league points
  • 6th Place P1,500 + 8 league points
  • 7th Place P1,500 + 6 league points
  • 8th Place P1,500 +4 league points

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