DOTA 2 South East Asia

MMU DotA 2 Open Tournament 2014


Arrow Gaming


bNa | BananananaA



  • 19th – 20th April 2014
  • 10:00am – 9:00pm



  • 16 teams , every team will able to join , first come first serve
  • Bo1 for every match. Bo3 only for Final of Lower Bracket and Grand Final


  • Champion: RM 1000
  • 1st Runner Up: RM 300
  • 2nd Runner Up: RM 200


Rules & Regulations:

  • Rules :
    - Team who is not ready 10 minutes after the tournament start will be considered as forfeited
    - Each team can only have up to 6 members only which is consists of 5 regulars and 1 substitute.
    - Each team less than 5 members will be auto disqualified.
    - Money only will be refunded if the tournament is cancel otherwise it will not be refunded no matter what reason is given
    - Anything that happen during the match and the final decision is concluded by the organizer
  • In-game Rules :
    Game used : DOTA 2 (Steam version)
    Competition method : 5 versus 5 (Team play, 5 players per team)
    Game mode : Captain Mode (CM)
    Victory condition : The first team to destroy the other team’s ancient (main building).
    Sides : (Radiant / Dire; Ban first) will be announced before the match.
    Match Format : No time limit (Until a winner is decided)
  • Backdooring

    - Backdooring are allowed.
  • Sharing

    - Sharing of item is allowed as long as the game permits.
    - It is not allow to suicide to pass Rapier.
    - Sharing control is allowed.
    - It is not allowed to purposefully suicide to drop item for another player.
    - It is not allowed to block his own creeps with the help of spells. It is only allowed to use hero model to intercept creeps.
    Item Limitations
    - No items limitation.
  • Exploits

    - Exploiting game or map bugs/glitches/flaws (“exploits”) for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is prohibited. Exploits that are not specifically named here are still prohibited but will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. There are currently no exceptions.
  • Third Party Software
    - The use of any third-party addons, hooks, programs or wrappers that interact with or alter the Dota 2 client, its appearance or behavior for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is prohibited. Players and teams caught using such add-ons will, at the discretion of the tournament administrators, be removed from the tournament and forfeit any prizes awarded by their position.
  • Exceptions
    - Third party voice communication software such as (but not limited to) Ventrilo, Teamspeak and Mumble are allowed.
  • Impersonating an eligible Player
    - Impersonating an eligible player by attempting to alias as them, using their Steam account or by any other method is prohibited and will result in the aliasing player and the player they are aliasing as being removed from the tournament.If a team is caught for aliasing twice, be it in the same match or in different matches, the entire team will be removed from the tournament and forfeit any prizes awarded by their position.
  • Disconnections
    - If any player disconnects during a match, the game will be paused (default is F9) until the player has reconnected. Pausing is not used for any other reason.
  • Server Crashes
    - In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from the latest save. The person who hosted the lobby for the match will have the option (game setup option) to load from a save file when they host again. The save file is generated every minute in the background.
    - In the unlikely event that the reload does not work, the game will be replayed with the same exact hero picks and lane movements until the first creep wave of the Radiant and Dire side meets
  • Sportsmanship Conduct
    - Gamers must report to the respective game zone 15 minutes before the match. Participants who are late for more than 15 minutes will be disqualified. No dispute or whatsoever will be entertained
    - Abusive behavior towards the organizer/game marshal/ opponent team will result in a warning. No foul language and abusive/racial behavior will be tolerated in the course of the tournament
    - A player only allows playing for 1 team for the entire duration of the tournament. Any substitutes for a team must be approved by a senior marshal before the game starts.
    - The result will be finalized if there are no disputes 10 minutes after the game has ended. Any complain after that will not be entertained.
  • Penalties Awarded
    - Warning: After warning is given games goes on. If three warnings are accumulated then the team will be ejected from the tournament.
    - Game Loss: Game loss given to a team meaning that the team loses the current game no matter what is the result of that game. A win would be awarded to opponent instead.


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The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.