DOTA 2 South East Asia

MALAYSIA ACG QUALIFIER @ Melaka (Online Qualifier)

Date: 6th Oct – 7th Oct |
Top 2 Winner will be qualified to enter Malaysia National Final in November 2012. Champion of the National Final will be representing Malaysia to compete with top teams from other countries in DOTA 2 THE ASIA in Dec 2012.





Live Video Matches:
e-Club Twitch tv channel

6th Oct – 7th Oct
Check in time: 10:30am-11:30am (6th Oct) in the e-Club Steam chat channel, Tournament estimated to finish around 8pm but may extend depending on the matches.
To join the e-Club Steam chat channel:
1) Login to your steam, go to the COMMUNITY tab and click on your PROFILE.
2) Click on “Groups” on the right hand side “Actions” menu.
3) Click on “Browse groups” and in the search tab in the top right corner, enter “eClub” (without quotes) and search.
4) There will be various groups but select the group with the  “ECLUB (e-Club)” name. It also has the e-Club logo.

5) Once you are in the group page, join the group by click on the join button at the right hand side of the page.
6) Once that is confirmed, the page should reload and an “Enter chat room” button should appear at the spot where the join button was. Click on it to enter the chat room.

>Qualifier will be held online<

Registration Method:

Registration Fees:

Rules & Regulation and Indemnity/ Parental Consent Form:
Download Here
* All competitors must fill and hand in the indemnity form during the team check in time.
* Competitors below the age of 18 must fill and hand in the Parental/Guardian Consent Form during the team check in time.

Tournament Format:
16 max teams, double elimination

Champion – RM 2000
2nd Place – RM 1000
*A qualified team must attend the national finals lest their qualifier prize money be forfeit.
* Top two teams (and their members) are not allowed to join the other qualifiers

Registered Teams:

Team Team
1  iWon’tGiveUp 9  Volcano
2  LCLY 10  Accel Generation
3  Yell 11  KCR`Reform
4  Peradak Gaming 12  StyLe
5  DCT 13  Hansen gaming style
6  SaikoMe 14  Roxr
7  FineArt 15  BPH
8  GGWP 16  BebanCanopy
The organiser reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this event without any prior notice