DOTA 2 South East Asia

Introducing Dota Levels

Earn Trophies To Level Up

There are several ways to earn trophies in Dota 2, from playing matches, to performing various feats, participating in events, and more. All of your trophies now contribute toward increasing your Dota Level, which is the culmination of your accomplishments in Dota.

How It Works

Each trophy contributes a different amount of Trophy Points toward your next Dota level. The conversion is simple: 100 Trophy Points = 1 Dota Level.
Trophy Points are awarded whenever a trophy is earned, or is upgraded to a new tier.

Every Trophy Counts

You’ve likely already earned a trophy or two, and each of these will count toward your Dota Level. To see your trophy collection, including the point totals that each provides, head to your profile and select “Trophies”. Expect us to release more trophies in the future.