DOTA 2 South East Asia

Heavyarm Amateur Cup – 2015

Heavyarm U-Garage Store dengan kerjasama dengan E-Sukan telah mengumumkan pertandingan Dota 2 iaitu Heavyarm Amateur Cup yang menawarkan 6 siri pertandingan dengan RM 300 hadiah keseluruhan. Setiap siri akan menawarkan RM 50 wang tunai kepada juara. Terdapat 6 siri akan diadakan dengan format single elimination bo1.

Tiada yuran dikenakan oleh itu setiap pasukan adalah digalakkan untuk menyertai bagi menambah pengalaman di dalam kompetitif Dota. Pasukan tier 1 dan tier 2 tidak dibenarkan untuk menyertai pertandingan ini.


Series 6:

intrepid team

Team Nation

Series 5:


Soul xcatcher

Series 4:

Emperor Eye

Team Mafia

Series 3:


Soul of Electric

Series 2:



Series 1:

United We Stand (uWs)

K2 A|G


Date : 

  • Series 1 – 24-26 March
  • Series 2 – 11-12 April
  • Series 3 – 21-23 April
  • Series 4 – 28-30 May
  • Series 5 – 8-9 June
  • Series 6 – 22-24 June

Format :

Tier 1 Malaysian Players are banned from this tournament
– Redemption, Genysis, G-Guard, Invasion, Natit
Tier 2 Malaysian Players are banned from this tournament
– Underminer, Seaking, Sabun Warrior, Team ICE, Sino Wander
  • Limit: No Limit
  • Eligible: Amateur Malaysian Teams Only
  • Fee: FREE
  • Check in Time: 7.00-8.00PM SGT on tournament day
  • Tour Time: 8.00PM SGT – 12.00AM SGT
  • Venue: Online


  1. All Team must check in before the tournament starts.
  2. All of the Players required to add his Team Tag in their IGN (in-game name).
  3. Please do not use vulgar words or ridicule your opponent.
  4. Respect others and respect yourself.
  5. Player have to be 15 mins early before their match start.
  6. Any teams that failed to show up in lobby after 15mins late will be Disqualified by admins.
  7. If there are any problems during the tournament, please do contact any admin on time.
  8. Admin got the rights to make any final decisions and DQ any team if there are any problems.
  9. Using any 3rd party software will resulted in Disqualified.


  • Champion – RM 50


  1. Create e-sukan account (
  2. Verify your account. (Check your email and spam box)
  3. Reply in this thread with following format
Team Name:
Captain Facebook Link:
Captain Email:
Players Steam Link URL
Captain –
Player 2 –
Player 3 –
Player 4 –
Player 5 –
Substitute –
Reply that did not follow the format will be deleted. To ask any question regarding the tournament please visit here



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The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.