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GMPGL Vietnam – June





Tournament Bracket

Tournament info, schedule and rest

GMPGL Vietnam is opened to local teams from Vietnam.

The winner/runner-up of GMPGL will advance to GEST April to fight against 16 other qualified teams from the other GMPGLs.

1. GMPGL schedule, Day 1 (GMT+8):
a. 11h-13h: Check-in
b. ~13h30: Brackets are released
c. 14h: Round 1
d. 15h: Round 2
e. 16h: Round 3
f. 17h: Round 4 (Only if your GMPGL format is 64 teams or 128 teams)
g. 18h: Round 5 (Only if your GMPGL format is 128 teams)

2. GMPGL schedule, Day 2 (GMT+8):
a. 14h: Semi-finals (Bo3)
b. 1630h: Finals (Bo3)

Teams must check-in on Raidcall (Group ID: 1220) 1 hour before the tournament starts. Teams who never shows up or went missing after check-in will also be disqualified.

If you’re prohibited from accessing Raidcall (most likely for Vietnam & China players), you may also check-in on our Dota 2 ingame channel “GMPGL VN” (Vietnam) or “GMPGL NS” (Non-SEA). To prevent players from having trouble finding the channels, please simply type in the channels name with the Create channel function and you’ll be directed to our channels.


Rules and Regulation:

Registered Teams

  1.  BackStreet Stars
  2.  Watever
  3.  Watever
  4.  ACE
  5.  Prevail Gaming
  6.  Warzone
  7.  Fallen Angel
  8.  pk.Yolo
  9.  YoLo
  10.  Feeder United
  11.  Thích Thì Feed
  12.  Xeno
  13.  Legend will Rise
  14.  CXQ
  15.  βιοζ Gaming
  16.  skynet
  17.  Bố Là Tất Cả
  18.  9MA
  19.  DNA
  20.  Sex & Drug
  21.  The Super Saiyan Team
  22.  Team PhuGiao
  23.  Gears Up
  24.  Lagaxy.Angel
  25.  DnD
  26.  Deadlock
  27.  All Tr4sh Players
  28.  Destroy_VN
  29.  Guardian Force
  30.  proA
  31.  The Insane Five
  32.  ASNP
  33.  DotaFun
  34.  BSP
  35.  Thanh Niên Ưu Tú – FI5T
  36.  Yes
  37.  Gameware Allstars
  38.  iGoZ
  39.  Fallen Angels
  40.  1st.VN|GIGABYTE


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