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Fairy Falls

Tournament Bracket

Tournament info, schedule and rest

GMPGL Indonesia is opened to local teams from Indonesia.

The winner of GMPGL will advance to GEST April to fight against 16 other qualified teams from the other GMPGLs.

1. GMPGL schedule, Day 1 (GMT+8):
a. 11h-13h: Check-in
b. ~13h30: Brackets are released
c. 14h: Round 1
d. 15h: Round 2
e. 16h: Round 3
f. 17h: Round 4 (Only if your GMPGL format is 64 teams or 128 teams)
g. 18h: Round 5 (Only if your GMPGL format is 128 teams)

2. GMPGL schedule, Day 2 (GMT+8):
a. 14h: Semi-finals (Bo3)
b. 1630h: Finals (Bo3)

Teams must check-in on Raidcall (Group ID: 1220) 1 hour before the tournament starts. Teams who never shows up or went missing after check-in will also be disqualified.


Rules and Regulation:

Registered Teams

  1.  Euphoric Gaming
  2.  ObliqueGaming
  3.  Zitek
  4.  Fairy Fails
  5.  GoD’s Wrath
  7.  Last Game Syndrome
  8.  Abandonation
  9.  temo
  10.  D.Xin
  11.  We Teach Pain
  12.  Emphera
  13.  tCoW


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