DOTA 2 South East Asia

GMPGL Vietnam – March

Tournament info, schedule and rest

GMPGL Vietnam is opened to local teams from Vietnam.

The winner/runner-up of GMPGL will advance to GEST March to fight against 16 other qualified teams from the other GMPGLs.

1. GMPGL schedule, Day 1 (GMT+8):
a. 11h-13h: Check-in
b. ~13h30: Brackets are released
c. 14h: Round 1
d. 15h30: Round 2
e. 17h: Round 3
f. 20h: Round 4 (Only if your GMPGL format is 64 teams or 128 teams)
g. 21h30: Round 5 (Only if your GMPGL format is 128 teams)

2. GMPGL schedule, Day 2 (GMT+8):
a. 14h: Semi-finals (Bo3)
b. 20h: Finals (Bo3)

Teams must check-in on Raidcall (Group ID: 5688662) 1 hour before the tournament starts. Teams who never shows up or went missing after check-in will also be disqualified.

If you’re prohibited from accessing Raidcall (most likely for Vietnam & China players), you may also check-in on our Dota 2 ingame channel “GMPGL VN” (Vietnam) or “GMPGL NS” (Non-SEA). To prevent players from having trouble finding the channels, please simply type in the channels name with the Create channel function and you’ll be directed to our channels.


  1.  Gameware <3 YangMi
  2.  Dogi_aFu
  3.  FAT
  4.  NoPhantom Lancer
  5.  Anti Support
  6.  The Insane Five
  7.  Deadlock
  8.  Legend will Rise
  9.  VINA 5
  10.  ProA
  11.  WAV
  12.  RedHawk
  13.  Hopeless
  14.  Salut
  15.  RinBin
  16.  MBSK
  17.  BSP
  18.  Noleader
  19.  Team FI5T
  20.  1st.VN|CyberPink


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