DOTA 2 South East Asia

GMPGL March Qualifiers Kick off

GMPGL February saw Malaysia’s next top team ABC led by WinteR demolish the throne set by Neolution.Orange as Malaysia’s top dogs. Now, GMPGL March will kick off in a few days time

The GMPGL Dota 2 for Vietnam, Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia will be running on the same days, which is from the 16th-17th of March 2013. An allocation of 32/64 slots will be given for each qualifier, depending on the number of teams registered. Registrations for all 3 country/regions are already open and will close on the 15th of March. Further information / registration page for your respective country/region’s GMPGL can be found at :

Prizes vary for different country/regions.

Prize Distribution
Vietnam Champion : U$D 150
1st runner-up : U$D 100
2nd runner-up : U$D 50
Rest of SEA Champion : U$D 100
1st runner-up : U$D 50
Malaysia Champion : U$D 200
1st runner-up : U$D 150
2nd runner-up : U$D 100
3rd runner-up U$D 50

Registration and information for GMPGL Singapore, Thailand, Non-SEA and Indonesia will be released next week.

A friendly reminder to all the winners of GMPGL February : Please send your full name and banking information to [email protected] to collect your winnings.
(Only Rest of SEA and Thailand winners are required to send us the info)


The top team(s) from each qualifier will automatically qualify for GEST Dota 2 March, which will be held from the 28th to 31st of March 2013. Top 2 teams from GEST Dota 2 March will qualify for GEST : The Challenge, where they will face the top 2 teams from China (top 2 teams from G1 League Dota 2) on the 6th and 7th of April 2013. my ABC and my Neolution.Orange has already earned their right to play against China’s best. Which 2 teams will take up The Challenge?