DOTA 2 South East Asia

GMPGL Main Event – September


First Departure



Standard tournament rules apply Matches Schedule (Tentative)

Monday, 30th of September (Time zone: +8GMT)

  • 1900 |Bo3| Match A:  Titan vs  MSIevoGT.TNC
  • 1900 |Bo3| Match B:  myanmar Neolution G7 vs  Arcanys
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match C:  First Departure vs  TLer Reborn
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match D:   Gameware vs  SYF Gaming

Tuesday, 1st of October (Time zone: +8GMT)

  • 1900 |Bo3| Match E:   GxGaming.Brutal vs  Team Impervious
  • 1900 |Bo3| Match F:    1st.VN. Gigabyte vs  Ini Budi
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match G:  Mith Trust vs  Pacific 2
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match H:  Pacific eSports vs eSports

Wednesday, 2nd of October (Time zone: +8GMT)

  • 1900 |Bo3| Match I:  Titan vs  Arcanys
  • 1900 |Bo3| Match J:  First Departure vs   Gameware
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match K:  Team Impervious vs  Ini Budi
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match L:  Mith Trust vs eSports

Thursday, 3rd of October (Time zone: +8GMT)

  • 1900 |Bo3| Match M: Winner I vs Winner J
  • 2200 |Bo3| Match N: Winner K vs Winner L

Friday, 4th of October (Time zone: +8GMT)

  • 2000 |Bo5| Match M: Winner M vs Winner N

Tournament Dates

  • 30th September – 6th October 2013


  • Champion: USD $1000
  • 2nd Place: USD $500
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