DOTA 2 South East Asia

Gamers Converge Northland Invasions Rookie Cup


Team SonG





  • 21st June 2015, Sunday @ 1000hrs (+8 GMT)


  • Oasis Netcafe
  • One Selegie Rd, PoMo, Unit B1-17/18/19/20, Singapore 188306

How does the tournament goes?

    Fill the following form to register, enter the informations correctly as we only ask once. Check your emails as we will send you a reply. If you do not receive any emails for a brief period of time, please contact us [email protected]
    We will check your MMR on the actual day itself. The requirements are listed above, if you were discovered cheating or do not fit the requirements, your team will be disqualified and NO REFUNDS will be given.
    You are required to pay SGD$40 by fund transfer/atm transfer/ibanking. You may also pay through PayPal for faster transaction or transactions with Debit/Credit cards.
    Once paid, and confirmed with receipt/screencap/invoice, your team will be successfully registered into the tournament along with our confirmation email. If there is no payment made, your registration will not be confirmed.
    Please contact email [email protected] or contact number +65 91686822 for any queries
    Teams are also to have certain requirements before joining, to make this a fair competition for lower tier teams.
    - Team total MMR average amount below 4000
    (example 4500+4400+3300+3500+4000=19700 divided by 5=3940 average)
    - Any members cannot exceed 4500 SOLO MMR
    (party mmr will be overlooked and neglected)
    - NO TBD SOLO MMR Players allowed
    (To make sure there are no steam account remakes and smurfs/professionals in disguise)
    ​​Teams are to report at Oasis Netcafe (venue address above) by 1000hrs. All team members must be there. There will be a list of your players. Teams will be required to attend the pre-tournament briefing.
    The brackets will be released after the check-in by lot drawing format and you are to be ready for match. You may view your opponent on this website on that day. Please have your meals and toilet/smoke breaks before then.
    If your team is victorious and still continuing the run of the tournament, you are required to be contactable, you may take your break as well until next match starts. The tournament will last around 8 hours inclusive of 1 hour break time.
    Once the champion emerges, the prizes will be presented to the teams,the leader holds responsibilities of all transactions made. After that, the tournament will close and come to an end.


Though it may be possible that certain players will borrow accounts from friends, remake a new one to get lower mmr, play for their friends and such. Gamers Converge will do their utmost to prevent this from happening, but if you are one of the gamers who commit to this action, we would strongly recommend that you stop. There are many future tournaments awaiting to be hosted by us, give a chance for the lower tier teams to win. If you would still wish to continue however, do not get caught by us, getting caught results in a permanent ban from all future tournaments from Gamers Converge. Let us do our part to make the e-sports scene grow!

- KuriN, CEO of Gamers Converge

Tournament Format:

  • Single Elimination
  • Captains Mode, 5v5
  • Best of 1
  • Tournament Series
  • Spectators Enabled, 2 Minutes Delay
  • Cheats OFF

Rules & Regulations:


Base Prizepool SGD $500

  • 1st = 50% of prizepool
  • 2nd = 30% of prizepool
  • 3rd = 20% of prizepool
LUCKY DRAW SYSTEMJoin us on tournament day to stand a chance to win one of five attractive prizes! Any participant or supporter is entitled to one entry per person!

  • Participants & Supporters - 1 lucky draw ticket
  • Early Bird Participants - 2 lucky draw ticket
Prizes to be confirmed at a later date
Early bird registration is entitled to 2 entries per person! *Early bird registration ends 23rd May 2015

Registered Teams:

  1. Ghostmode
  2. Dancing With Death
  3. Team QT
  4. Majestic Nerds
  5. 3k mmr noobs
  6. Team dTdT
  7. Team Aphrodite
  8. Team TZG
  9. Cunnning Stunts
  10. I Can Explain
  11. Kingsmen.SG
  12. Team UNLSH
  13. Team Equilibrium
  14. Legacy.SG
  15. Peenoise Slayers
  16. Bubbles
  17. The Tea Family
  18. Syn.YOLO.Gy
  19. Team ShioK
  20. Aether Gaming
  21. RE.kted
  22. Ninjamidas
  23. Team MJ
  24. Avengers
  25. Defined
  26. Team SonG
  27. Team Reliance
  28. Road to 6k
  29. Weeaboo Familia
  30. Nick KorKor Fan Club
  31. Share A Coke
  32. MerXIfied


  • Singapore Teams ONLY
  • Lower Tier Teams
    - Average team mmr must be below 4000
    - Any member cannot exceed 4500 solo mmr
    - No TBD players allowed
  • Registration fees : SGD$40 (via iBanking)
  • Register here


Organized by:

The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.

Single EliminationCaptains Mode, 5v5
Best of 1
Tournament Series
Spectators Enabled, 2 Minutes Delay
Cheats OFF