DOTA 2 South East Asia

Gamers Converge DOTA 2 Online Tournament







  • 1st November 2014, Saturday @ 1000hrs (+8 GMT)


  • Online, Join channel “GConverge”

How does the tournament goes?

  1. Upon registration through online, you are required to pay $30 by fund/atm/ibanking transfer to POSB Savings to account (093-67528-2)
    Once paid, and confirmed with receipt/screencap on ibanking, your team will be successfully registered into the tournament along with our confirmation email. If there is no payment made, your registration will not be confirmed.
    Please contact email [email protected] for any queries
    For players without a team, you can leave your name in our GC Finder list and search for one.
  2. ​​Teams are to report online by 1000hrs. All team members must be there. There will be a list of your players. All must be present to complete registration.
  3. The brackets will be released after the check-in by traditional seeding format and you are to be ready for match. You may view your opponent on this website on that day. Please have your meals and toilet/smoke breaks before then.
  4.  If your team is victorious and still continuing the run of the tournament, you are required to be contactable, you may take your break as well.
  5. Once the champion emerges, the prizes will be presented to the teams. After that, the tournament will close and come to an end.

Tournament Format:

  • Double Elimination, 2 Chances
  • Captains Mode, 5v5
  • Best of 1
  • Tournament Series
  • Spectators Enabled, 2 Minutes Delay
  • Cheats OFF

Rules & Regulations:


  • Prizepool – $300

Registered Teams:

Confirmed and Paid Teams :
1. PussyGamingg
2. Impreza
3. Neewbieee (MY)
4. Siglap 9
5. Donutello
6. Creating Legacy
7. Chin Mun Tou
8. Babybear
9. Team Penguin
10. Kingdom
11. FluffyBunny
12. WAB (MY)

Training Teams :
13. Prosperousity
14. Kind Professor
15. MischieVousGaming Razer
16. Team ABBEY

Non-Priority Training Teams :
17. Away From Keyboard King 
18. DKNY Dota 2
19. Sinditx3
*NOTE, if any training teams that did not pay won, they would not receive any prize and a reasonable amount of the prize would be split to the rest who didn’t won top 3. If you paid you are more on advantage.



Organized by:

The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.