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Flash DOTA 2 League 2013 Season 1

Date: 26 Jan 2013 | There will be 4 seasons of Flash DotA2 League in 2013, each season will have 3 categories - Open, Amateur and Professional. There will be one season per quarter. The Open Category will be open to all for registration, but teams need to qualify for the Amateur and Professional League slots.


Open Category Amateur Category Professional Category

Champion: Team Zenith

Champion: First Departure
Champion: Team Zenith

2nd Place: Team First Departure

2nd Place: Team Zenith

2nd Place: Team First Departure
3rd Place: Armageddon.fAze
3rd Place: Team DSD
3rd Place: [L]ittle
 4th – 8th Place:
Team DsD
Harrosh 3.0

4th Place: Team is_gaming
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 Click >HERE< to view the pictures.  Click >HERE< to view the pictures.
Most Valuable Player Best Shoutcaster MVP Honorable Mention

Winner: Daryl Koh – iceiceice
Free MyRepublic 1-year Gamer Fibre Broadband
+ S$100
+ Steam Wallet USD10

Winner: Lysander Xonora
+ Twitch Contract
Winners: S$50 each
Nicholas Lim – xfreedom
Team Zenith
Joseph Lim – MLG
Team DsD
Top Supporter
Winner: Jon Lim Xu Kai
+ Steam Wallet USD10
Top Killer
Winner: Teh Yuan Hing
+ Steam Wallet USD10

Open Category: 26-27 January
Amateur League: 2 February
Professional League: 3 February


Registration Method:
Click Here To Register

Registration Fee:

All registered gamers will receive 1-Year Free Membership at Alienware Arena.

(Membership worth $40 entitles members to reduced hourly rates, special membership packages and discounts off Alienware hardware)

  • Open Category S$50
    » Early bird special of $30 if you register by Monday 14th Jan 2013 2359 +8GMT
    » First 20 teams that register also get 2 hours free play
  • Amateur League S$20*
  • Professional League S$10*
    *(applicable to teams who qualify for the Season 2)


Rules & Regulation:
Click to Read Here

Tournament Format:
League [Read more here]


  • Open Category
    1st- S$300 + Steam Wallet USD20 x5
    2nd- S$200
    3rd- S$100
    4th to 8th- S$50 per team
  • Amateur League
    1st- S$500 + Steam Wallet USD30 x5
    2nd- S$400
    3rd- S$200
    4th- S$100
  • Professional League
    1st- S$1,000 + Steam Wallet USD40 x5 + S$468 MyRepublic Voucher1 x5
    2nd- S$500
    3rd- S$300


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