DOTA 2 South East Asia

Female Dota 2 SEA League – Season 2 (FSL#2)

DATE: March 2014, Online | FSL#2 will start in March 2014, and will tentatively run til June 2014, depending on how many teams have registered. We would like to encourage teams who have short term commitments (eg, exam week, short overseas travel) to still consider taking part, because it is a 3 month long league, and we will try our best to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

Final Results:


PMS Asterisk*


Tournament Ticket:

A three month long league with a single-elimination BO3 playoffs for the top 4 teams. FSL is open to female Dota 2 teams that play on the Southeast Asian server.Get your ticket here

Live Stream:


1 China S.M.G. 19 2 0 59
2 Singapore PMS Asterisk* 17 2 2 53
3 Philippines MIDFi 16 3 2 51
4 Indonesia nXa Ladies 15 3 3 48
5 Thailand VFF* 13 6 2 45
6 Philippines Pcfc.ICHILL 13 5 3 44
7 Philippines Fire Vixens 12 6 3 42
8 Malaysia Queens 12 5 4 41
9 Philippines PacificDoA 12 4 5 40
10 Australia MintAU 11 4 5 37
11 Myanmar DTO 10 3 8 33
12 Philippines Freya 10 2 9 32
13 Philippines Femme Fatale 9 2 10 29
14 Philippines Super Captain Planet 8 5 7 29
15 Singapore TRIUMPH –BYE– 0 7 14 7
16 Philippines Rhodora.X –BYE– 0 7 14 7
17 Philippines Girl’s Pride –BYE– 0 7 14 7
18 Philippines HB Gaming –BYE– 0 7 14 7
19 Philippines 8008s –BYE– 0 7 14 7
20 Philippines Ewe’s Angels –BYE– 0 7 14 7
21 India Oblique Gaming.Ladies –BYE– 0 7 14 7
22 Philippines Eris –BYE– 0 7 14 7



Timezone: GMT+8

15th March  Results
 8:00pm  Freya vs  PMS Asterisk*  0:1
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  Femme Fatale  1:0
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  VFF*  0:0
 9:00pm  PacificDoA vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0
16th March  Results
 4:00pm  Rhodora.X vs  DTO  0:0
 8:00pm  8008s vs  Ewe’s Angels  1:0
17th March  Results
 8:00pm  TRIUMPH vs  HB Gaming  0:0
 8:00pm  Eris vs  Girl’s Pride  0:0
 8:00pm  S.M.G. vs  MintAU  0:0
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  Fire Vixens  0:1
18th March  Results
 8:00pm  MIDFI vs  Queens  0:0
 8:00pm  Freya vs  Femme Fatale  1:0
19th March  Results
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  Ewe’s Angels  0:1
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  Super Captain Planet  0:0
 8:00pm  8008s vs  DTO  0:1
20th March  Results
 8:00pm  PacificDoA vs  Fire Vixens  0:0
 8:00pm  Rhodora.X vs  HB Gaming  1:0
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  Girl’s Pride  1:0
 8:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  VFF*  0:0
21st March  Results
 8:00pm  TRIUMPH vs  MIntAU  0:1
 8:00pm  Eris vs  Queens  0:0
 8:00pm  S.M.G. vs  MIDFI  1:0
22nd March  Results
 2:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  DTO  1:0
 2:00pm  Rhodora.X vs  HB Gaming  1:0
 5:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  Ewe’s Angels  0:1
 8:00pm  Freya vs  VFF*  0:1
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  Ewe’s Angels  0:1
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  DTO  0:1
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  Fire Vixens  0:0
24th March  Results
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  Queens  0:0
 8:00pm  TRIUMPH vs  MIDFI  0:1
 8:00pm  Eris vs  S.M.G.  0:1
25th March  Results
 6:00pm  8008s vs  HB Gaming  0:0
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0
 9:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  Fire Vixens  1:0
26th March  Results
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  HB Gaming  0:0
 8:00pm  8008s vs  MintAU  0:1
27th March  Results
 8:00pm  PacificDoA vs  Queens  1:0
 8:00pm  Rhodora.X vs  MIDFI  0:1
 8:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0
28th March  Results
 2:00pm  MintAU vs  Femme Fatale  0:0
 8:00pm  TRIUMPH vs  Eris  1:0
 9:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  Queens  1:0
30th March  Results
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  Fire Vixens  0:0
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  HB Gaming  1:0
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  MintAU  0:1
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  Queens  0:0
31st March  Results
 8:00pm  8008s vs  MIDFi  1:0
 8:00pm  PacificDoA vs  S.M.G.  0:1
 8:00pm  Rhodora.X vs  Eris  0:0
1st April  Results
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  TRIUMPH  1:0
 8:00pm  Freya vs  DTO  0:0
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  Fire Vixens  0:0
3rd April  Results
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  MIDFi  0:1
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  S.M.G.  0:1
 8:00pm  8008s vs  Eris  1:0
4th April  Results
 8:00pm  PacificDoA vs  TRIUMPH  1:0
 8:00pm  Rhodora.X vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
5th April  Results
 8:00pm  Freya vs  Fire Vixens  0:1
 8:00pm  DTO vs  HB Gaming  0:0
 8:00pm  Ewe’s Angels vs  MintAU  0:0
6th April  Results
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  Queens  1:0
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  MIDFi  0:1
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  Eris  1:0
7th April  Results
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  TRIUMPH  1:0
 8:00pm  8008s vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
 8:00pm  PacificDoA vs  Rhodora.X  1:0
8th April  Results
 8:00pm  Freya vs  HB Gaming  0:1
 8:00pm  DTO vs  MintAU  1:0
9th April  Results
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  Queens  0:0
 8:00pm  Ewe’s Angels vs  MIDFi  1:0
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  S.M.G.  0:1
10th April  Results
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  Eris  1:0
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
11th April  Results
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  Rhodora.X  1:0
 8:00pm  8008s vs  PacificDoA  0:1
12th April  Results
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  MintAU  0:1
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  Queens  0:0
 8:00pm  DTO vs  MIDFI  0:1
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  S.M.G  0:1
13th April  Results
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  TRIUMPH  1:0
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
14th April  Results
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  PacificDoA  0:1
 8:00pm  Pcfc.ICHILL vs  8008s  0:0
 8:00pm  Freya vs  MIntAU  0:1
15th April  Results
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  MIDFI  0:1
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  S.M.G.  0:1
 8:00pm  MIntAU vs  DTO  0:1
16th April  Results
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  TRIUMPH  1:0
17th April  Results
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  PacificDoA  0:1
 8:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  8008s  1:0
19th April  Results
 6:00pm  Freya vs  MintAU  0:1
 8:00pm  Oblique Gaming.Ladies vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  TRIUMPH  1:0
 8:00pm  Freya vs  Queens  0:1
20th April  Results
 6:00pm  DTO vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  8008s  1:0
21st April  Results
 6:00pm  MintAU vs  MIDFI  0:1
 6:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  PacificDoA  0:1
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1
 8:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  Oblique Gaming.Ladies  1:0
 8:00pm  Freya vs  MIDFI  0:1
22nd April  Results
 8:00pm  Queens vs  S.M.G.  0:1
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
 6:00pm  DTO vs  PacificDoA  1:0
23rd April  Results
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  8008s  1:0
 5:00pm  HB Gaming vs  MIDFI  0:1
24th April  Results
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  Oblique Gaming.Ladies  1:0
 8:00pm  Femme Fatale vs  PMS Asterisk*  0:1
26th April  Results
 5:00pm  DTO vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1
 8:00pm  Freya vs  S.M.G.  0:1
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  PacificDoA  0:1
27th April  Results
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  8008s  1:0
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  Oblique Gaming.Ladies  1:0
28th April  Results
 8:00pm  VFF* vs  Femme Fatale  1:0
 8:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  8008s  1:0
29th April  Results
 8:00pm  MIDFI vs  nXa Ladies  1:0
30th April  Results
 5:00pm  DTO vs  PMS Asterisk*  0:1
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  Oblique Gaming.Ladies  1:0
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1
2nd May  Results
 8:00pm  Super Captain Planet vs  Femme Fatale  0:0
3rd May  Results
 8:00pm  MIDFI vs  PacificDoA  0:0
 8:00pm  Queens vs  8008s  1:0
4th May  Results
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  PMS Asterisk*  0:1
5th May  Results
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  Femme Fatale  1:0
6th May  Results
 8:00pm  S.M.G. vs  8008s  1:0
7th May  Results
 8:00pm  MIDFI vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:0
 8:00pm  Queens vs  Oblique Gaming.Ladies  1:0
8th May  Results
 8:00pm  HB Gaming vs  VFF*  0:1
9th May  Results
 7:30pm  DTO vs  Super Captain Planet  0:0
10th May  Results
 7:00pm  Freya vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0
11th May  Results
 3:00pm  MIntAU vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
12th May  Results
 8:00pm  PcfcDoA vs  nXa Ladies  0:1
15th May  Results
 8:00pm  Fire Vixens vs  DTO  1:0
 6:00pm  MIDFi vs  PMS Asterisk*  0:1
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  1:0
16th May  Results
 8:00pm  MIDFi vs  VFF*  1:0
 8:00pm  PMS Asterisk* vs  S.M.G  0:1
17th May  Results
 8:00pm  S.M.G. vs  Femme Fatale  1:0
20th May  Results
 8:00pm  MIDFi vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0
21st May  Results
 8:00pm  Freya vs Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1
22nd May  Results
 8:00pm  PacificDoA vs  PMS Asterisk*  1:0
23rd May  Results
 8:00pm  S.M.G. vs  DTO  1:0
 8:00pm  MIDFi vs  Fire Vixens  1:0
24th May  Results
 4:00pm  MintAU vs  VFF*  0:0
 7:00pm  MintAU vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1
 7:00pm  DTO vs  VFF*  1:0
 8:00pm  Queens vs  DTO  1:0
26th May  Results
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  VFF*  0:1
28th May  Results
 8:00pm  nXa Ladies vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0

TBC Games

Date/Time  Results
 TBC  MintAU vs  PacificDoA  1:0
 TBC  MintAU vs  PMS Asterisk*  0:1
 TBC  MintAU vs  Fire Vixens  0:0
 TBC  MintAU vs  Super Captain Planet  1:0
 TBC  MintAU vs  Queens  0:1
 TBC  PacificDoA vs  Pcfc.ICHILL  0:1



Schedule source:


  • March 2014


  • Online


  • Server: Singapore/SEA only
  • Double Round Robin – each team plays every other team twice, we will schedule each team to play 2 other teams every week.
  • Play offs – The top 4 teams at the end of the double round robin will play each other in a BO3 Single Elimination.


  • All teams are to join the skype chat group (instructions on how to do so further down in the post) so that we can contact everyone easily.
  • The admins will organise which games are to be played on which day of the week, and all games will start from 8pm +8GMT.
  • Admins will accommodate changes, as long as both teams are agreeable to the new time and date.
  • IF there are server problems (eg, during festive periods like newbloom, diretide, or server maintenance etc) games may be postponed to a later date, if both teams are agreeable.


  • 1st Prize:
    + USD 500
    + 5x SteelSeries Siberia V2 DotA 2 Edition (includes digital unlock “Scythe of Vyse”
    + 5x Nature’s Prophet Plushie (includes digital unlock “Flowering Treants”
  • 3rd Prize:
    + USD 200
    + 5x SteelSeries QCK Mini DotA2 Edition
    + 5x Diretide Heroclix


Registered Teams:

  1. Oblique Gaming.Ladies
  2. Fire Vixens
  3. VFF*
  4. PMS Asterisk*
  5. Pcfc.ICHILL
  6. PacificDoA
  7. Freya
  8. MintAU
  9. 8008s
  11. Ewe’s Angels
  12. Queens
  13. DTO
  14. nXa Ladies
  15. HB Gaming
  16. Girl’s Pride
  17. S.M.G.
  18. Eris
  19. Super Captain Planet
  20. Femme Fatale
  21. Rhodora.X
  22. MIDFi

Rules & Regulations:

We would like to encourage the teams to remain as a stable line up for the duration of the League.

  • If you need to change players permanently, please inform the admins, we will accommodate up to :if you have registered 5 or 6 players; 3 members must remain as the original playersif you have registered 7 or 8 players; 4 members must remain as the original players
  • Stand ins (Failure to comply will lead to a walkover the offending team)
    We are allowing up to 8 registered members per team, hence we would like to discourage the use of stand-ins in this competition.(a stand in is a player who is not registered with any other team competing in the FSL, and has also not been registered with the team she is standing in for)
  • All players, including stand ins are to be FEMALE.
  • If you require the use of a stand in, she should not be a player of another team that is also registered in FSL.
  • A maximum of 2 stand ins can be used per team per match, and NO stand ins will be allowed for the playoffs.
  • All stand ins must tag up with a “standin.” in front of their nickname


  • Observers are allowed, but if a team disagrees to having an observer in the game, they may request that the game creator kicks the observer out.
  • Coaches are not allowed.
  • Only streamers are allowed to be in the broadcaster channels, all other observers are to stay in the general lobby area.


  • Teams which do not turn up after half an hour after their agreed upon match time will be awarded a loss, unless the opponent is willing to wait. Drafting may commence first, proceeded by a remake in all pick, if both teams are agreeable.


  • Teams may withdraw at any point in time during the league.
  • Regardless of whether any of the matches have been played, all the team’s opponents in the entire league will be awarded a walkover win of 0-2.
  • Teams that withdraw from the tournament will not be removed from the brackets. Instead, admins will add in a “-BYE-” at the back of their team name to show that they are no longer active in the league.

Joining the Skype Chat Group:

(if you have any problems, please inform us!)

1.  Ensure you have skype installed in your computer2.  Open your browser and enter this code into the URL field:

OR, just click this [LINK] and press enter.

3.  You should get a pop up that looks like this :

4.  Select Skype and press OK!


Any casters who wish to cover this match, please let us know by dropping us a message here, or on our facebook page, or by joining the skype chat group.
We are hesitant to accord any production group or individual the rights to be the sole caster for the competition, we would like to embrace all casters, of all languages.


If anyone is interested in admin-ing this league, or helping out in any way (graphic design, video etc) please do contact us!
Either pm us on our facebook page, or drop us an email.
Any help is welcome!



The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.