DOTA 2 South East Asia

FA Amateur Tournament




Loli Moe Gaming




  • 16th – 18th May 2014


  • Online


  • Double Elimination
  • Brackets, Best of 1.
  • Finals, Best of Three.

Rules & Regulations:


  1. The Organizer of this tournament is First Arrival eSport. The Organizer appoints the Tournament Admins.
  2. Player must be available for all tournament dates they are involved in, including potential post-tournament interviews or other tournament events.
  3. The act of registering for this tournament implies full acceptance of all terms, conditions, rules and regulations stated, in its entirety.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations without notice, to protect the integrity and smooth flow of the tournament.


  1. Teams must register to the tournament during the registration period
  2. Teams must check-in 1 hour before the tournament starts. Teams who never shows up or went missing after check-in will also be disqualified.


  1. Tournament schedule will be posted in the respective tournament page.
  2. Teams are expected to be in the lobby 15min before designated time.
  3. If one team is not ready at designated time, their opponent can take a default win by contacting an admin and having him checking the lobby.
  4. If both teams agree, they can delay for a maximum of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, whoever has the most players in their team will take a default win and must report to an admin.
  5. In order to keep the tournament on schedule, teams may not wait more than 10 minutes, or both teams may get disqualified.
  6. Teams may not remake after the 1st creep wave has spawned or after 1st blood has been spilled.
  7. All results must be reported to the respective admins right after the match via tournament chat room


  1. The software used is DOTA 2 (Steam version).
  2. Game Mode = Captains Mode (CM), Tournament Version.
  3. Games will be played on the SG (Singapore) server.
  4. Sides top bracket Radiant, Lower bracket Dire and Picks will be on ‘Random’ Game Setting Bo1.
  5. Each person attending the tournament must have read and accepted the rules and regulations. Ignoring it cannot be a reason put forward in case of an issue or dispute.


  1. If any player disconnects during a match, the game will be paused (default is F9) until the player has reconnected. Pausing without justifiable reasons will be penalized.
  2. A maximum 10-minute total pause time in respect for disconnects will be allotted for each team per match. After that grace period, the game is to be resumed regardless of the circumstance.
  3. An opposing team is REQUIRED to pause in the event that all players on the opposing team unintentionally disconnects. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification. The action to be taken will be in the discretion of the marshal.
  4. In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from the latest save. The person who hosted the lobby for the match will have the option (game setup option) to load from a save file when they host again. The save file is generated every minute in the background.
  5. In the unlikely event that the reload does not work, the game will be replayed with the same exact hero picks and lane movements until the first creep wave of the Radiant and Dire side meets.


  1. Players will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, competitors, members of the press, tournament staff, and to other participants of the event.
  2. Players will refrain from the use of vulgar language during the entire competition. All rules of conduct also apply to chatting through the game console.
  3. Players are expected to compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without cause, or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be construed as a violation of player conduct, and will result in match penalties, forfeit and disqualification from the tournament.
  4. The Organizer have the right to apply penalties, disqualify and dismiss any registered player from the tournament, at their discretion, at any stage of the tournament, for any reason, with no prior warning to the players.


  1. If the majority of your players are from a country, you must play in that specific tournament:
    a. If 3 players from Malaysia, the team based country is Malaysia. Teams who have less than 3 players in the same country will be call regional team and cannot participate in a restricted country tournaments.
  2. A team is allowed to have up to 2 substitutes on their roster.
  3. A player cannot participate in more than one team during the tournament. Both teams will be disqualified. The team the player stand-in and his original team.


  1. If any of the above rules, regulations, terms and/or conditions are broken/not met, Tournament admins may apply penalties according to their judgment and discretion.
  2. Penalties that can be applied are the following:
    • Warning.
    • Default loss.
    • Disqualification of a player/team from the entire tournament.
    • Blacklisted from our future tournaments.
  3. Disqualifications are applied by the tournament officials, be it the admins or organizers, and will void all rights for the entire team to participate further in the tournament.
  4. Each match results must be submitted to the admin before 1 hour after the match end. Failure so, organizer have the right to disqualified or replace the team with others team.


Admin may over rules all rules based on the situation. Admin decision is final after the appeal process.


  • Prizes pools :50 keys
  • **( Only if there are 32 teams in the Tournament)**


  • Registration fee : 2 key (each team)
  • Deadline of registration : 16 MAY 2014 (before 12pm +8GMT)
  • Deadline of payment :  16  MAY 2014   (before 12pm +8GMT)
  • Teams that failed to pay before the due date will be canceled immediately.
  • Register here

We will add you through steam after you registered your team.

How to pay ? 

Add admin steam link below :


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The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.