DOTA 2 South East Asia

Thailand DOTA2 Pro League Season 1


 #  Team  W Total   Give up
 1  MiTH.Trust 5 3 0 12 0
 2  Awake 4 3 1 11 0
 3  Everlast.Gaming 4 2 1 10 0
 4  R5 and The Gank 3 2 2 8 1
 5  Intelligent 4 1 3 9 0
 6  iDeal.Gigabyte 2 3 3 7 0
 7  1st.Esport 1 6 2 0
 8  Exotic 0 7 0 0


Tournament Format:

  • Game Mode: Captain Mode
  • Competition in the form   5  VS  5
  • Starting Team: Random
  • Server Location: Singapore
  • Spectator: Enable
  • Version: Tournament
  • Dota TV Delay: 2 minutes
  • Game Name: ie Team A vs Team B.
  • Password: Who built the set.

After the Eclub Thailand has announced four first team to Dota2 Pro League Invite to join for awhile now. I wonder how many people, what would be the team’s top 4 team? Yes, this is a team over there so far? Blarney By today, we also intend to announce the remaining Top 4 teams will be eligible to participate in the Pro League Season 8 first both teams.

One. Team: MiTH-Trust

MiTH Trust  Dota2 team # 1 in the United States guaranteed by the competition, both locally and outside the countries. Line up and also comes with a new set of free early years past transgressions. MOL let’play Tournament and also won.   TGPL Dota2 presented by SteelSeries & Zest to make, too, and it can not be denied to them as one of your favorites Dota2 Pro League.

Line up:

  1. MiTH-Tr | TnK
  2. MiTH-Tr | LaKelz
  3. MiTH-Tr | nth or (aabBAA).
  4. MiTH-Tr | Boombell
  5. MiTH-Tr | KyT


Two. Team: EverLast.GameFilling

Everlast.GAMEFILLING   formerly GX.Gaming Brutal ultimate team recently got together to form a new team soon. But the match is known as a great year in 2013, making them the. Degree enough to join as part of Dota2 Pro League this time comfortably. Obtained by the play of his team, Everlast, then the probability of two favorites list undoubtedly.

Line up:

  1. EL.GameFilling-Nokky
  2. EL.GameFilling-MyPro
  3. EL.GameFilling-Solotic
  4. EL.GameFilling-VyPer
  5. EL.GameFilling-BungSellRotee

Three. Team: GIGABYTE.IDeal

IDEAL.GIGABYTE  ultimate team High-performance guarantee tremendous versatility Dota1 soon they were back again in a serious racing team Dota2 which the veteran is not it a bit lower. Latest 2 of the items they can grab MOL let’play Tournament to successfully lose to just MiTH Trust in the finals, but for a list Dota2 Pro League because not far away for so long. It is to be a favorite, I have three.

Line up:

  2. GIGABYTE.IDeal-Moru
  3. GIGABYTE.IDeal-Au_4000
  4. GIGABYTE.IDeal-min
  5. GIGABYTE.IDeal-Tifa

Four. Team: Armageddon.Awake

Armageddon.Awake  top-class team of industry Dota2 Thailand with the competition’s hottest massively species that do just that. However, with the monsoon, and several factors that come into it. Armageddon.Awake Form to incredible. I talk about the experience The last race of the year in 2013 certified that Armageddon.Awake unbeaten in Dota2 Pro League, certainly, and there he was four favorites list.

Line up:

  1. Amgd.Awake | affff
  2. Amgd.Awake | dva
  3. Amgd.Awake | yO2
  4. Amgd.Awake | Toy
  5. Amgd.Awake | l3ergKampz

Five. Team: Hnl.You

Hnl.You dark horse team that just came up. How long did But the skill Top-level team to be called the equivalent of which in 2013 had shockingly the past. Not show proficiency has seemed to many people, then by removing MiTH Trust After making. The team is raising up a Top Pro sooner I can also grab the last four in the list Mol Let’s Play Tournament as well.

Line up:

  1. Hnl | Lightning9
  2. Hnl | Varen
  3. Hnl | 1kungz-
  4. Hnl | Jabz
  5. Hnl | Rain_

6th. Team: r5r5 and the gank

r5r5 and the gank or a team called the All Star Thailand, it does not get ugly. Because this team has compiled a Player class High Class of up to 5 people, all 5 of them were a former Player of the top teams in the country know that the team MiTH Trust, and teams, Tell Me Why, friends, many people will. recognize familiar as well.

Line up:

  1. r5r5
  3. upper
  4. Bz
  5. l3nu
  6. nocsm

7th. Team: 1st.Esport

Top level players gathered a team of Dota1 it all. This can be done in Dota2 to a great extent, by our team of 1st Esport is not guaranteed the ability by becoming a Top 8 list Mol Let’s Play the recently past success and, more importantly, this team is. Team training is very systematic. And that may be why they have joined Dota2 Pro League in Season 1.

Line up:

  1. 1st l Esport.c4
  2. 1st l Esport.nEw
  3. 1st l Esport.Suranew
  4. 1st l Esport.Jame
  5. 1st l Esport.WhatThe

Eight. Team: Exotic

Dota2 team freshman power Together to form a team in 2013, guarantees the versatility of the team. Of the Top 4 of the items seized in Thailand. Have several items together though the Exotic never won any major once. It has a less teams Requirements are consistent with them.

Line up:

  1. bondddchel
  2. so what
  3. lambesis
  4. nobu
  5. hammy
  6. lixr


Competitive DotA2 Pro League will begin play on February 10, 2014 is the first day teams Eclub have a rendezvous representing the eight teams to talk to an agreement to contest DotA2 Pro League by major topics to talk about. is Players in the team that participated at the competition DotA2 Pro League is not eligible to race list DotA2 Amateur Tournament and all 8 teams will have to compete DotA2 Thailand Grand Final, which is contesting the Offline which they are intended. from April (However, the political situation as well), and has had discussions with representatives of the eight teams to form the competition. Which details will be announced soon, certainly no.

A list of 8 teams in the tournament DotA2 Pro League.

  1. MiTH.Trust
  2. Everlast.GameFilling
  3. iDeal.Gigabyte
  4. AMGD.Awake
  5. hnL.You
  6. R5R5 and The Gank
  7. 1st Esport
  8. eXotic


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