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DotaBeyond’s First Blood Tournament!

DATE: 1-2 June, Online | DOTABEYOND’S FIRST BLOOD TOURNAMENT WILL BE MERGED WITH NETOLIC PRO LEAGUE 3 SEA QUALIFIERS! The First Blood Tournament(Dotabeyond’s First Tournament) shall be incorporated to Netolic Pro League 3 SEA QUALIFIERS 3. The First Blood Tournament includes a prize pool of 60 Treasure keys (30 for the Champion, 20 for the 1st runner up, and the 3rd place team with 10) and USD175 of Steam Wallet. Since Netolic Pro League 3 SEA QUALIFIERS 3 shall be merged with The First Blood Tournament, The Champion and the 1st-Runner up of The First Blood Tournament shall receive the prizes and will also advance to Netolic Pro League 3′s Main League.


Funny Bunny


Insidious Gaming



  • 1-2 June


  • Online (Singapore Server)




Saturday, 1 June 2013

  • Check-in – Starts Saturday 12.00 SGT. Check-in ends Saturday 15.00 SGT. Check in via Raidcall
  • Brackets will be released at 15.30 SGT.
  • Round 1 – Starts Saturday 16.00 SGT. Games of round 1 must be started before 16.15 SGT.
  • Round 2 – Starts Saturday 17.00 SGT. Games of round 2 must be started before 17.15 SGT.

Sunday. 2 June 2013

  • Round 3 – Starts Sunday 16.00 SGT. Games of round 3 must be started before 16.15 SGT.
  • Round 4 – Starts Sunday 17.00 SGT. Games of round 4 must be started before 17.15 SGT.

Saturday. 8 June 2013

  • Round 5 – Quarterfinals, best-of-3. Starts Saturday 16.00 SGT. Games of round 5 must be started before 16.15 SGT.
  • Round 6 – Quarterfinals, best-of-3. Starts Saturday 17.00 SGT. Games of round 6 must be started before 17.15 SGT.

Sunday. 9 June 2013

  • Round 7 – Semifinals, best-of-3. Starts Sunday 15.00 SGT. Games of round 7 must be started before 15.15 SGT.
  • Third place decider – Best-of-3. Starts Sunday 17.30 SGT. Games of Third place decider must be started before 17.45 SGT.
  • Final – Best-of-5. Starts Sunday 20.00 SGT. Games of Final must be started before 20.15 SGT.

Rules & Regulations:
1. Server
- The server to be used is Singapore, unless both teams agree on a different server.

2. Game settings and spectators
- Communicate with your opponents through Match Comment page and decide who will host the lobby and what the password will be.
- The mode is -captains mode and games will be played using the Tournament Version. All heroes are allowed.
- DotaTV (Spectator option) is should be entered as “YES” (enabled) unless else is decided by an admin.

3. Nicknames
- You need to use your team tag as well as your common nick name. For instance:
exG.Int FuwaAika
- If you use a stand-in, make sure the stand-in tags “Standin.nickname”, with the nickname being his common nick.

4. Stand-ins
- Up to two stand-ins are allowed.
- You may not use a stand-in that belongs to another team competing in the tournament.

5. Sides and pick
- The teams decide who will play Radiant and who will play Dire. If there is a dispute, contact an admin for coin toss.
- First pick and ban phase will be set on random.

RULESET – During the game:

6. Behaviour
- Flaming and bad-mouthing is not allowed and will lead to straight disqualification.

7. Disconnects, pauses and crashes
- If the game crashes during the picks, the game will be remade and the same picks will be picked.
- Teams have the right to pause the game if needed. Be sure to announce the pause in all-chat before you pause, by saying “p” or “pause”. You also need to state the reason for pausing after you’ve paused.
- Up to 10 minutes of pausing per game for each team is allowed. That is 10 minutes of total and not several pauses of 10 minutes each.
- The 10 minute rule does not apply for semi-finals and up. Admins decide on pauses during those rounds.
- The reason for the pause must be reasonable. Both teams must agree on resuming before resuming the game.
- If a player disconnects, the player’s team should pause the game right away.
- If the game needs to be remade, the players will pick the same heroes, skill the same skills, buy the same items and choose the same lanes as they did in first attempt of the game.

8. Pooling: Rules about sharing items
- You can buy or give following items to a teammate: Scroll of Teleportation, Healing Salve, Clarity Potion, Tango, Smoke of Deceit, Dust of Appearance, Observer Ward, Sentry Ward and Gem of True Sight.
- It is allowed to share passive regeneration items (such as ring of health, void stone, etc). Bottle is allowed to share as well, but you may not buy it for another player.
- Admins got the final word regarding what counts as pooling and what doesn’t.

9. Backdoor
- All kinds of backdooring is allowed.

10. Bugs and glitches
- You are not allowed to use bugs or glitches in the game for your advantage.
- Each team is responsible to know about bugs that may effect the game. You can read more about bugs on the official bug forum
- If one or more essential bugs are used intentionally to your advantage, your team will be disqualified from the tournament.
- If a game-breaking bug occur, you should pause the game, and contact an admin.
- If the bug is noticeable for both teams and no pause is made, and admins aren’t contacted until the end of the game – the game result stands.

11. Game end
-The game is over when either team’s Ancient Fortress is destroyed or when a team forfeits and disconnects from the game.

Registered Teams:

  1. Next Level Gaming!
  2. Team Silent Prodigy
  3. LeveL
  4. Team Shock
  5. Last Arrival
  6. TnC Gaming
  7. Perfect-5
  8. GO Esports Myanmar
  9. Destiny Storm
  10. Forward To The Dream
  11. Silent Redemption
  12. Freaky_Evil
  13. MeePok Five
  14. First Departure
  15. H2O Gaming
  16. Sayur
  17. Seniors
  18. Mars
  19. Accel
  20. Mencoba Sukses
  21. Shadow Play
  22. Esport.Ferro
  23. Born For Killing
  24. Majai Gaming
  25. Secret Water
  26. The Mads
  27. Traditional China Farmers
  28. Hakuna Matata
  29. Team Discipline
  30. Team Myth
  31. The Legends
  32. TAMiLAN
  33. Speed Art
  34. MotherFatherGentleman
  36. Team FI5T
  37. EXE E-sports gaming team
  38. SimpleLookingGuys
  39. Eximius Gaming
  40. IS Gaming
  41. ZephyX
  42. PEW PEW PEW !
  43. Youngsters
  44. GalawOne
  45. Alpha Helix
  46. Central Programming Unit
  47. Ayah Boss
  48. Gaming Like Bosses
  49. Malaysian Elites Crew Gaming
  50. Tianzi
  51. dotMPEG
  52. Number One On Battle
  53. Kepong gaming
  54. Redemption
  56. Hello, GoodBye!
  57. SolarS
  59. Happy Feet
  60. PornStarsGaming
  61. The Forbidden
  62. We On The Way
  63. Coffee or Coffin
  64. Tank Killers
  65. Pacific Badboys
  66. Just |AC|
  67. Nemesis
  68. What If
  69. Virus
  70. Arub community
  71. Sinisters
  72. Noob Never Die
  73. GamerZ.ReVolution
  74. Sh0w!
  75. Ty’gar
  76. naseon
  77. Veyterons
  78. CenturyGaming
  79. NetolicSG
  80. Funny Bunny
  81. Rajputana Rifles
  82. Two|SidE
  83. Cutie Pie Club
  84. TruGodz.pH
  85. HW Semicolon
  86. Funny Bunny
  87. What up Dude
  88. Extreme Gaming
  90. Unconquered Recreation
  91. TTrix
  92. NoVAA
  93. Unio Oxnature
  94. Titan[PH]
  95. wws
  96. Evil Panda
  97. Team Jarvis
  98. Neon Panda
  99. FeshGaming
  100. Rangers With Candy
  101. TrolHunters
  102. Zeal Gaming SG
  103. Dian Xiao Er
  104. Team FI5T
  105. Team Execute
  106. Escape|Reality
  107. BadRabBit
  108. Middle Finger Man
  109. Unio.Oxnature
  110. los H
  111. Rice Against Rice
  113. Rice Against Rise
  114. Sodium
  115. 1st.VN|CP.GIGABYTE
  116. Impact.Revenger
  117. TeamG7
  118. Insanity Gaming
  119. Beast of the East
  120. Escape|Reality
  121. Wicked Soul
  122. Hopeless
  123. Countered By 1 Step


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