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DOTA 2 The Bounties – Malaysia

It is said that not every victory is meaningful – we beg to differ.
E-Club proudly brings to you Dota 2 – The Bounties. Contrary to the traditional game formats, every win on this tournament will be instantly gratified.
The name is apt to the format, as every win will let a team receive a ‘bounty’, and thus a progressive prize is developed as a team advances further into the tournament.
Dota 2 – The Bounties is an online tournament, and it will be played on seven different SEA countries.

Final Standings:

  • Champion: Nara Stacks ($125 Steam Wallet)
  • 2nd place: DuskBin ($75 Steam Wallet)
  • 3rd/4th place: Etec`Leap Gaming, Aggressive Crew ($50 Steam Wallet)
  • 5th-8th place: Xclusive, Empower Please, Esports ($25 Steam Wallet)

Match Replays:

Grand Finals BO3. Nara Stacks vs Duskbin 

Watch live video from stashden on TwitchTV

Event Details:

15th – 16th June 2013


Registration is free.
ONLY OPEN TO MALAYSIA TEAMS (teams must contain at least 3  members of Malaysia nationality to be eligible)

Competition Format:
16 teams Single Elimination (Best-of-1), Finals will be played Best-of-3


Register Here


Bounties will be collected as your teams win games and procced to the next round.
In-case of a walk-over win, bounty payment will be hold until your next game;
If you win your next round, you collect the current winning as well as walkover winnings.
However, if you lose the next match after a walkover win, you forfeit the bounty from that walkover match.



Bounties will be collected as your teams win games and proceed to the next round.

Team List

 Team  Team
 1  Extacy  9  Youngsters
 2  Usahawan  10
 3  Kepong Gaming  11  THEYHATEUS
 4  Etec`Leap.Gaming  12  Silent Redemption
 5  504TheWorld  13  vDm
 6  9 Lives  14  SimpleLooKINGguyZ
 7  NINE[E-Sports]  15  Xclusive.
 8  Secret Water  16

Rules & Regulations

1. Server
 - The server to be used is Singapore.

2. Game settings and spectators
- Communicate with your opponents through Raidcall and decide who will host the lobby and what the password will be.

- The team captain must add our official Steam account StashDen before any commenced game.

- The mode is -captains mode and games will be played using the Tournament Version. All heroes are allowed.
- DotaTV (Spectator option) is should be entered as “YES” (enabled) unless else is decided by an admin.

3. Nicknames
- You need to use your team tag as well as your common nick name. For instance:
- Stand-in tags are required for the stand-in players

4. Stand-ins
- Only 1 stand-in is allowed.
- You may not use a stand-in that belongs to another team competing in the tournament.

5. Sides and pick
- The teams decide who will play Radiant and who will play Dire. If there is a dispute, contact an admin for coin toss.
- First pick and ban phase will be set on random.

RULESET – During the game:

6. Behaviour
- Flaming and bad-mouthing is not allowed and will lead to straight disqualification.

7. Disconnects, pauses and crashes
- If the game crashes during the picks, the game will be remade and the same picks will be picked.
- Teams have the right to pause the game if needed. Be sure to announce the pause in all-chat before you pause, by saying “p” or “pause”. You also need to state the reason for pausing after you’ve paused.
- Up to 10 minutes of pausing per game for each team is allowed. That is 10 minutes of total and not several pauses of 10 minutes each.
- The 10 minute rule does not apply for semi-finals and up. Admins decide on pauses during those rounds.
- The reason for the pause must be reasonable. Both teams must agree on resuming before resuming the game.
- If a player disconnects, the player’s team should pause the game right away.
- If the game needs to be remade, the players will pick the same heroes, skill the same skills, buy the same items and choose the same lanes as they did in first attempt of the game.

8. Pooling: Rules about sharing items
- You can buy or give following items to a teammate: Scroll of Teleportation, Healing Salve, Clarity Potion, Tango, Smoke of Deceit, Dust of Appearance, Observer Ward, Sentry Ward and Gem of True Sight.
- It is allowed to share passive regeneration items (such as ring of health, void stone, etc). Bottle is allowed to share as well, but you may not buy it for another player.
- Admins reserves the final word regarding what counts as pooling and what doesn’t.

9. Backdoor
- All kinds of backdooring is allowed.

10. Bugs and glitches
- You are not allowed to use bugs or glitches in the game for your advantage.
- Each team is responsible to know about bugs that may effect the game. You can read more about bugs on the official bug forum
- If one or more essential bugs are used intentionally to your advantage, your team will be disqualified from the tournament.
- If a game-breaking bug occur, you should pause the game, and contact an admin.
- If the bug is noticeable for both teams and no pause is made, and admins aren’t contacted until the end of the game – the game result stands.

11. Game end
-The game is over when either team’s Ancient Fortress is destroyed or when a team forfeits and disconnects from the game.


  1. Every team captain MUST check in at our official Raidcall Channel (ID: 6262878) at least 30 MINUTES before game commence time (12:30PM)
  2. Team captains will be arranged to communicate with their opponent’s team captain, ande decide who will host the lobby and the password.
  3. The team captains will add our our official Steam account StashDen before any commenced game.
  4. The game will be played. The winning team captain must report the result along with the Match ID to an admin after the game.
  5. The winning team captain will then wait for instructions in the Raidcall channel for their next match.

The round of 16, round of 8, and semi-finals will be played on Saturday, 15th, June 2013
The finals will be played on Sunday, 16th June 2013


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