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DOTA 2 The Bounties – Indonesia

It is said that not every victory is meaningful – we beg to differ.
E-Club proudly brings to you Dota 2 – The Bounties. Contrary to the traditional game formats, every win on this tournament will be instantly gratified.
The name is apt to the format, as every win will let a team receive a ‘bounty’, and thus a progressive prize is developed as a team advances further into the tournament.
Dota 2 – The Bounties is an online tournament, and it will be played on seven different SEA countries.


  1. Champion: ULTImate - Steam Wallet USD $125
  2. 2nd Place: TLeR.Reborn - Steam Wallet USD $75
  3. 3rd Place: ThunderBuddies - Steam Wallet USD $50
  4. 4th Place: Veyterons - Steam Wallet USD $50
  5. N.E-S.TJNM - Steam Wallet USD $25 
  6. Flaming - Steam Wallet USD $25 

Tournament Bracket

Event Details

18th -19th May 2013


Registration is free.
4 teams will receive invitation, 12 more team from Open Registration (16 Teams total)
ONLY OPEN TO INDONESIA TEAMS (teams must contain at least 3  members of Indonesia nationality to be eligible)

Competition Format:
16 teams Single Elimination (Best-of-1), Finals will be played Best-of-3


To be posted


Bounties will be collected as your teams win games and procced to the next round.
In-case of a walk-over win, bounty payment will be hold until your next game;
If you win your next round, you collect the current winning as well as walkover winnings.
However, if you lose the next match after a walkover win, you forfeit the bounty from that walkover match.



Bounties will be collected as your teams win games and proceed to the next round.


18 May

  • 2100 SGT – Round 1
  • 2200 SGT – Round 2

19 May

  • 2000 SGT – Semifinals
  • 2100 SGT – Finals

Team List

 Team  Team
 1  Joenet PNM  9  Red Owl Gaming
 2  ULTImate  10  Addiction
 3  TLeR.Reborn  11  Defisit Lose
 4  Veyterons  12  Roshan versus Creep
 5  IHoms`  13  xTL
 6  NexTrue  14  Flaming
 7  oTL  15  N.E-S.T]NM
 8  Xplode  16  ThunderBuddies

Rules & Regulations
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