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DOTA 2 Pride Challenge 2013 – Thailand vs Vietnam

DATE: 5th May 2013, Online | Dota 2 is fast becoming one of the top, if not the top e-sport game to ever grace the scene. However, with the coming of leagues, tournaments and events, gamers are quickly looking for something new to whet their competitive appetites. The Dota 2 Pride Challenge will give them all that and more! Dota 2 Pride Challenge is an opportunity to see which country has the best Dota 2 community and teams.  It is a platform to settle rivalries and answer the question of which country is the best. Teams will be putting their skills, honour and pride to see which country will come out on top!


Match 1:  MiTH.Trust vs.  RinBin

The Thais surprised many by going with their best team first, and planning to go all-out from the start. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese had their less known but still very game team in RinBin trying to contest Trust.

MiTH surprised even more by employing four strength heroes on their line-up – Magnus, Lifestealer, Sandking and Bristleback. RinBin tried to get another melee hero with more DPS in Sven, as well as a split-pushing hero in Nature’s Prophet to try take advantage of Trust’s range, or lack thereof.

Everything was going in the way of the Thai team though, as they took control of their lanes and stormed into a commanding lead. By the twentieth minute, they were already up by 17 kills and 15k Gold and Experience.

Despite the lead, their line-up disallowed them to climb high ground easily unless they can get a good RP. It showed on the 22nd minute, as they weren’t able to push despite the massive advantage. They were able to get a few pick-offs though and they were able to get the game’s first set of barracks three minutes later.

MiTH went for the bottom lane at the 31st minute, and they were met with little resistance. Nature’s Prophet tried to counter push at top but the lane was too pushed out. The GG was called 34 minutes in, when RinBin was two lanes down and all of their key heroes dead.

Match 2:  MiTH.Trust vs.  1st.Vn|CP

Both teams went with their comfort heroes, 1st.VN with the Wisp and MiTH with Naga Siren. However, MiTh went with a cheesy strategy and played Naga as Support, and opted to get Mirana as their offensive trilane’s carry.

The Vietnamese team was just abusing the offensive trilane. After taking first blood, they took a couple of more kills a few minutes later. It is clear that they have a strategy in mind, as they sacrificed mid for levels, letting Chaos Knight lane on it solo. By the seven minute mark, the Viets had a 7-2 kill lead, but very minimal gold and exp lead due to the easy lane of both Lone Druid and Dark Seer.

1st.VN|CP employed their ganking lineup to perfection. With Nyx, Nature’s Prophet, and a CK + Wisp, they were pretty much able to kill anyone they set their eyes into. They inflated their 11-2 kill lead at ten minutes into the game into a dominant 20-2 lead sixteen minutes in.

The Viet’s continued to pressure, with their Wisp leading the way. 18 minutes into the game, Io already has a KDA of 9-1-10 out of his team’s 21 kills.  With the big lead, they were able to take down the top lane easily on the 23rd minute. Being more than 15k gold and exp down, MiTH.Trust just raised the flag a minute later, without 1st.VN even trying to push the lanes.

Match 3:  Tell Me Why vs.  1st.Vn|CP

1st.Vn went with surprising lanes, to say the least. They placed Alchemist on the middle lane, and the Queen of Pain on the bottom with a Bane and a Treant Protector – indicative of their acknowledgment of an inferior trilane. Tell Me Why, went with their favorite Lone Druid on the solo top lane, and an offensive trilane featuring a Rubick, Juggernaut and Lifestealer.

Alchemist got the first blood on the roaming Rubick, and Dark Seer just melted the refraction away to put 1st.VN on top to start the game. However, Alchemist wasn’t really able to farm on his lane even with Living Armor to aid him on regeneration. Tell Me Why gained the lead after a 4-1 hero trade plus a tier one tower on a top lane counter gank on the 14-minute mark.

The Alchemist was able to finish his Battle Fury at the 16-minute mark, but he wasn’t given enough time and space to farm since then. After taking Roshan on the 18th minute, the Thai squad never relented on a bottom lane push. They won two straight encounters on that push spanning for about 3 minutes, killing at least four heroes each time.

That also opened up the Viet’s bottom barracks, which TMY took easily.  The Thais won another engagement at the 25th minute, forcing their enemies to tap out of the game.


Match 4:  Tell Me Why vs.  Gameware

Tell Me Why went with a line-up focused on securing farm for Anti-Mage, while Gameware  adjusted to a lineup to prevent that. Not only did the Viet squad picked Keeper of the Light for an offensive trilane, they also chose to use an Clinkz to try shut down AM before he farms up his items.

The Thai went to a good start, securing four kills for Queen of Pain within the first seven minutes. It was getting alarming for them though, as Clinkz had near free farm and was able to get a 12-minute Orchid Malevolence. By that time, the Anti-Mage had nothing but a Tranquil boots, Poor Man’s Shield and a Ring of Health.

Gameware started to put their line-up into action, getting kills and towers, as well as the Roshan. At these period, Clinkz can easily solo kill Anti-Mage, which made farming for TMY harder. One thing going for TMY’s side is that they were finally able to secure Anti-Mage’s Battle Fury just before minute 20. One thing going wrong for them is their susceptibility so Clinkz, who killed Anti-Mage (Battle Fury) and Queen of Pain (Sheepstick)  on separate situations after.

The Vietnamese squad continued to work on their lead. QoP went with a Ghost Scepter while AM was forced to hold the Gem despite still being very squishy to try stop the bleeding. However, the gold and experience lead of Gameware had already ballooned to five-digits by the 30-minute mark. The squad took the top’s lane melee barracks at the expense of Clinkz’ first death.

The next ten minutes came rather slow. AM was beginning to have an impact, and Nature’s Prophet is starting to become annoying with his split pushes. But just as TMY is starting to decrease the deficit, Gameware followed Roshan with a big decisive push at the bottom lane. After they killed Anti-Mage and two more other heroes, TMY decided to call it quits and thus another fifth game for our Pride Challenge.


Match 5:  Awake vs.  Gameware

The first few minutes of the game were consumed with both teams trying to have their carries farm. The Thai team again went with an Anti-Mage, while the Viets went with Phantom Lancer this time around. Knowing PL’s capability on longer matches emphasized because he went for an early Hand of Midas, the initiative is on Awake’s side.

They patiently waited for necessary levels and creeps for Chen. Instead of pushing though, they actively ganked the map. It payed to great rewards, as Awake craftily avoided Templar Assassin’s traps with Smoke ganks and built a nice lead for themselves. To avoid insult to injury, they stole Gameware’s well-stacked Ancient camp after Anti-Mage was able to get his Battle Fury.

After taking Roshan at around the 20-minute mark, Awake caught Gameware falling asleep watching them and got two pick-offs. They were also able to get the bottom tier-two after as well as some heroes on a team skirmish. The Thais already have a decisive 15k experience and gold lead, with the Phantom Lancer still having basically no impact up to this point of the game.

There was not much that Gameware was able to do to stop the bleeding. The Thai team continued to build up the lead, and took the bottom lane after they finished Roshan around the 32-minute mark. They were also able to take the middle melee barracks before retreating. By then, it was a scary 30k Gold and Experience lead for Awake.

Awake made one final push on the top lane on the the 34th minute, and their lead translated into a team fight which they barely lost any health. Gameware called GG right after. With that, Awake clinches the win for team Thailand on this Pride Challenge.


Winner:  Thailand - 2000 USD + 30$ Steam Wallet x 15
Worthy Challenger:   Vietnam - 30$ Steam Wallet x 15

Event Details

Date: 5th May 2013
Venue: Online


  • Timezone GMT +7
  • Player start Check-in – 11.30 A.M.
  • First Match – 12.00 P.M.
  • Second Match – 01.00 P.M.
  • Third Match – 02.00 P.M.


Tournament Format:

The tournament will be played on a team battle format. Each country is composed of three (3) five-man teams, and the three teams will be playing together to represent their country.
The countries will be pitted head-to-head.
Each team will select the playing order for their team (first, second and third). The selected first teams compete against each other in a series of Best-of-1 or Best-of-3, depending on the needs of the event. Once a team is defeated, it will be eliminated and the winning team will then proceed to fight against the next team on the playing order. A group will lose on the instance that all of their teams get eliminated. This will mean that the last team on the group will be the anchor, as if that team loses – their group also loses.
As such, the playing order selected by a group will not be revealed until the matches are about to start. The groups can opt to select their better foot forward, or they can save the best for last. Strategy has always been an integral part of the game, and that strategy will begin right even before the games begin.

Participating Teams:



  • aabbaa
  • Lakelz
  • lookball
  • r5r5
  • TnK


  • afff
  • boombell
  • dva
  • toy
  • yoyo

Tell Me Why

  • InTreso
  • Nocsm
  • Kyt-
  • godbear
  • upper



  • misa
  • qq
  • secret
  • taipolime
  • ares
  • boss
  • betac


  • Yang Mi
  • Zoro
  • KimNgan
  • SuperHieu
  • Cold
  • StarRuby
  • LazyFish


  • Shin
  • T-Z
  • RongConLonTon
  • NeeNee
  • peBin
  • Vietttttt

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