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DOTA 2 Pride Challenge 2013 – Philippines vs Indonesia

DATE: 5th May 2013, Online | Dota 2 is fast becoming one of the top, if not the top e-sport game to ever grace the scene. However, with the coming of leagues, tournaments and events, gamers are quickly looking for something new to whet their competitive appetites. The Dota 2 Pride Challenge will give them all that and more! Dota 2 Pride Challenge is an opportunity to see which country has the best Dota 2 community and teams.  It is a platform to settle rivalries and answer the question of which country is the best. Teams will be putting their skills, honour and pride to see which country will come out on top!


Match 1:  Mineski.Razer vs.  ULTImate

Mineski started the game with a four hero gank on Puck, securing the first blood. They maintained the lead after a brilliant juke by Rubick, to foil the Indonesian’s gank attempt. The Filipino team continued their good start with rotations to the bottom lane  - including their solo middle and top heroes. With that, the team had secured a 5-0 kill lead, as well as a 3K Experience and 2K Gold advantage ten minutes into the game.

Just as the Indonesians were starting to get a few kills, Mineski won a big engagement on the bottom lane. They also proceeded to take the tier-one tower at the bottom. By the 17th minute, Anti-Mage was able to complete his Battle Fury and Lifestealer was able to finish his Armlet. Despite being down, ULTImate showed their teamfight potential by winning a team fight on the middle lane at the 18-minute mark, trading one hero to four.

Mineski’s range, or lack thereof, is hurting them. They can’t find the initiation that they want and they keep on losing team fights even though they are leading. The big Wall + Vacuum + Dream Coil kills at least a couple of heroes instantly. ULTImate appeared to be starting to get back into the game and was apparently winning another team fight when Juggernaut manned up with a Double Damage rune and won the engagement for his team. Mineski later claimed Roshan, and established a 10k Gold and 12k Experience lead by minute 30.

Mineski finally won a team fight one minute later, as they were able to kill Dark Seer before the latter can use his skills. From thereon, the Filipino team handled the team fights easily. They won another skirmish on the 33rd minute, taking down four heroes, and proceeded to finish the game with three straight set of barracks.


Match 2:  Mineski.Razer vs.  TLeR.Reborn

This match-up was the battle of the carries. TLeR is trying to bring Morphling back to his glory days, while Mineski is attempting to put Drow Ranger into the mainstream. It was the former getting the leverage though, as he was able to get the first blood on the overextending Magnus on the bottom lane.

The game transitioned into an exciting phase, with both teams trading kills. While Morphling already had six kills under his name in 13 minutes, Drow Ranger was compensating for his free farm and his stay at his lane. Mineski, though two kills down, was ahead in both experience and gold. Drow Ranger’s first fight presence was felt three minutes later, when the Filipino team wiped the Indonesians while only giving up two heroes.

The TI3 East Qualifier-invited team continued their dominance, with their Templar Assassin and Drow dealing massive right clicks. They were able to score a perfect team wipe at minute 22, which lead them to two sets of barracks. They had a final decisive push a few minutes later on the top lane, and the GG was soon called.


Match 3:  Mineski.Razer vs.  Joenet PNM

It was looking to be another battle of the carries, this time it is Phantom Lancer vs Alchemist. Knowing Alchemist’s capability when given free farm, Joenet adjusted by putting forth an offensive trilane and having Phantom Lancer play an easy lane solo.

It didn’t went well for them though, as the Filipino team easily racked up kills and stuffed the Indonesian’s kill attempts. To make matters worse, Phantom Lancer died solo against Clockwerk. With that, the Indonesian decided to adjust once again – sending their two supports back on top. It payed of quickly, having them get a kill and a tier-one tower.

Mineski was able to get a clean team wipe at minute 11, including a sick Psy-blade double kill by Templar Assassin. The Filipino continued their strong play as they moved into the top lane. By the 15th minute, they had already secured a commanding 9 kills, and 9K Gold and Experience advantage.


Mineski continued to press on the lead. They had increased their lead to more than 15K, and Phantom Lancer had just finished his Diffusal Blade then. Joenet PNM lost their mid barracks as the Philippine team just barreled right through.

The GG was called at the 25th minute, when Mineski pushed top and just used their overwhelming advantage to dive deep into Joenet’s base.


Winner:  Philippines - 2000 USD + 30$ Steam Walletx15
Worthy Challenger:  Indonesia -30$ Steam Walletx15

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 5 May, 2013 – 1830 SGT onward
Venue: Online

  • Game 1: 1900 SGT
  • Game 2: 2000 SGT
  • Game 3: 2100 SGT
  • Game 4: 2200 SGT (if necessary)
  • Game 5: 2300 SGT (if necessary)


Tournament Format:

The tournament will be played on a team battle format.
Each country is composed of three (3) five-man teams, and the three teams will be playing together to represent their country.
The countries will be pitted head-to-head.
Each team will select the playing order for their team (first, second and third).
The selected first teams compete against each other in a series of Best-of-1 or Best-of-3, depending on the needs of the event.
Once a team is defeated, it will be eliminated and the winning team will then proceed to fight against the next team on the playing order.
A group will lose on the instance that all of their teams get eliminated.
This will mean that the last team on the group will be the anchor, as if that team loses – their group also loses.
As such, the playing order selected by a group will not be revealed until the matches are about to start.
The groups can opt to select their better foot forward, or they can save the best for last.
Strategy has always been an integral part of the game, and that strategy will begin right even before the games begin.

Participating Teams:



  • Ryan Jay ‘Bimbo’ Qui
  • Joshua ‘Owa’ Dela Serna
  • Gio ‘Gio’ Ramolete
  • Raniel ‘Yani’ Ogdol
  • Jhoven ‘Jhoven’ Pancho

TnC Gaming

  • Von ‘Bonjour’ Kristoffer
  • Adrian Edelo ‘Tushey’ Nairda
  • Aeron ‘eron’ Patrick Sta Ana
  • Angelo ‘Doc’ Docosin
  • PJ ‘DoA’ Bondal


  • Julius ‘Julz’ De Leon
  • Hiroshi ‘Yoshi’ Yoshimoto
  • Joshua ‘Owey’ Dela Cruz
  • Lloyd ‘LA’ Alfred
  • Patrick ‘JyC’ Pascua as JyC


Joenet PNM

  • Johan ‘R9′ Wahyudi
  • Jeffry ‘Tonberry’ Martin
  • Leonard ‘CL’ Chandra
  • Albert Dick ‘Don|Xwan’ Ludong
  • Bennard ‘INZANE’ Jauwhannes

TLeR Reborn

  • Kaleb ‘Vahnzz’ Mustamu
  • Jordan ‘yHu’
  • Henry ‘N’s’Tan
  • Gunawan ‘Spica’ Leman
  • Bryce ‘DoTz’ Clement


  • Brando ‘XR8′ Oloan
  • Farand ‘KoaLa’ Kowara
  • Doddy ‘warcLarkson’ Affandie
  • Fajar ‘bencLung’ Maulana
  • Wilbert ‘Lavida’ Marco

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