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DOTA 2 Pride Challenge 2013 – Malaysia vs Singapore

DATE: 4th May 2013, Online | Dota 2 is fast becoming one of the top, if not the top e-sport game to ever grace the scene. However, with the coming of leagues, tournaments and events, gamers are quickly looking for something new to whet their competitive appetites. The Dota 2 Pride Challenge will give them all that and more! Dota 2 Pride Challenge is an opportunity to see which country has the best Dota 2 community and teams.  It is a platform to settle rivalries and answer the question of which country is the best. Teams will be putting their skills, honour and pride to see which country will come out on top!


Match 1:  Invasion.GIGABYTE vs.

The Singaporean team went with a rather standard line-up with a solo Bounty Hunter and Middle Magnus, while the Malaysians contested with two hard hitting carries in Drow Ranger and Outworld Destroyer.

As both Drow and OD needed levels, pounced on the early game by taking the first blood,  followed by a triple kill on their opposition’s offensive trilane. The bright spot was the Malaysians were taking good advantage of their heroes range on both middle and top lane (Weaver against Bounty Hunter and Outworld Destroyet against Magnus) to take an advantage on creep kills.

Shadow Fiend was able to get a 12-minute Shadow Blade, which lead to more kills for his team. Outworld Destroyet also went with a passive laning build, opting to max Astral Imprisonment and Essence Aura before taking any point in Arcane Orb. He was very easy to kill, as well as Drow, and that translated into an 18-7 kill lead in favor of by the 22nd minute, as well as an 11k Experience and 8k Gold lead.

Without levels, there was simply no way that Invasion can stop’s strong teamfight with RP, Requiem of Souls and Global Silence. After taking Roshan, the Singaporeans easily took the middle melee barracks.

By the 28th minute mark, the Singaporeans was about 20 kills ahead, with a 20k Gold and Experience lead. The Malaysians called GG before the 30th mark, as they weren’t able to do anything to stop’s push on the bottom lane.

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Match 2:  Invasion.MUFC vs.

The Singaporeans are pressured to put up a big lead by mid game, because of their hero composition. They went with a curious Dark Seer, Rubick and Silencer on their offensive trilane. With an Enigma at top and a Dragon Knight at middle, won’t have much to fall back on late game. Meanwhile, MUFC went with a trilane controlling hero in Visage and Nyx, and obviously has the better late game with Nature’s Prophet, Anti-Mage and Templar Asassin on the team.

Engima was able to take first blood for the Singaporeans using his Eidolons, which made considerably more damage than the Treants on his man-fight against Nature’s Prophet. Furion, however, went back with a return kill after buying back just a few seconds later.

Visage showed his strength on a crowded lane, winning his team a 3-1 exchange on the bottom lane at minute 7.  It was getting fearsome for the Singaporeans despite them controlling Anti-Mage, as MUFC is making perfect rotations and was able to take the first tower of the game. At 12 minutes in, the gold and exp graph are almost equal, but MUFC is doing well given the nature of their lineup. Anti-mage was able to complete his Battle Fury at the 20th minute of the game.

The game transitioned into a slow phase by that time. MUFC was interested in getting more farm for their Anti-Mage, while while trying to get their necessary levels for a big team fight with Black Hole, Global Silence and a Level 3 Elder Dragon form. The big battle arrived at the 28th minute, with the team fight being a stand-off for both sides. However, MUFC was able to get the Roshan kill right after.

As expected, MUFC started to build their lead since then. was forced to push at the 39th minute mark, but they weren’t able to get the team fight that they were looking for. Without buyback on their key heroes, the Singaporean squad lost two of their lanes within a single minute. tried to contest Roshan after, but they got wiped out and called GG.


Match 3:  Invasion.MUFC vs.  First Departure

MUFC has the morale advantage on this match, as they seem to give FD trouble dating back ADGSA. This time, MUFC went with a Gyrocopter, Nature’s Prophet and a Puck as their core, while FD went with a Clockwerk, Mirana and Meracle’s signature Naga Siren.

First blood went in the way of Puck, but Naga Siren was able to secure his farm. He opted for a quick Radiance, which indicated he would try to turtle and farm a lot more – which is First Departure’s usual game play. While MUFC took the experience lead, FD stormed into a big gold lead in the early stages.

A big Ancient stack at the 17th minute allowed Gyrocopter to decrease the Net worth gap, and MUFC inched closer on their Gold disadvantage. The next big fight ensued near the Rosh Pit at around the 28-minute mark. MUFC won despite their disadvantage on items as they were able to kill Templar Assassin before the latter can do anything, and Gyrocopter’s DD rune giving him the damage he needed.

CG made a very sick hookshot on the teasing Puck on the 31st minute, which cost MUFC some HP off their top Tier-3 tower. They were able to defend though, and instead counter-pushed the middle tower. By this time, Gyrocopter had already caught up with Naga Siren on net worth.

Another 10-hero clash happened at the 39th minute, which started from a very bad initiation by Clockwerk. After buybacks on both sides, it was MUFC who ended up on top as they took FD’s top barracks and Roshan not long after. One of the biggest reason for this is they were able to bring Naga Siren to less than a quarter of his HP before he can even initiate.

With Aegis and a big item lead, MUFC just used sheer force to climb uphill. They took the bottom lane, then the middle lane and the game was called over after.


Match 4:  Invasion.MUFC vs.  Zenith

The game started out great for zenith as inv decided no to go for an aggressive tri-lane against them that basically gave alchemist all the room wanted, and indeed he took advantage as he was able to farm up his Phase Boots and Shadow Blade in around the 10th minute mark. While in the middle lane, inv’s dual lane of kunkka plus Shadow Demon was not really achieving that much unlike what they expected besides slowing down a little bit of Tinker’s farm, but he would still farm up his Soul Ring and Boots of Travel in 13 minutes. And in the top lane, the solo Lifestealer in the top lane was not really being contested by the dual lane of Nyx Assassin and Queen of Pain.

As the game progresses, it was all zenith as they were able to dominate the map with constant agression that forced inv to group up very early on. In the 26th minute, inv would get a badly needed win in the top lane, killing four heroes, as zenith tried to destroy the top tier-2 tower but failed to do so. But besides that, zenith would just over-power inv and finish the game in 34 minutes.

Match 5:  NeoES.Orange vs.  Zenith

The Singaporeans again went with a solo Lifestealer again, then going for a Dark Seer mid and an Anti-Mage as their main carry. Orange contested the trilane with a strong Nyx, Windrunner and Rubick combination, while placing Nature’s Prophet at top and Outworld Destroyer at the middle lane.

The first few minutes were basically stalemate for both sides, but Orange had the advantage on Gold because of Windrunner’s range advantage over the melee Anti-Mage. Orange seems determined to prevent Anti-Mage on farming, with their Windrunner even opting for Arcane boots.

The Malaysians tried to break the tie with an engagement on the trilane with the porting Furion. They were able to take First blood, but gave up two heroes not long afterward. A contest for the middle tier-1 tower was put up by Orange 16 minutes into the game, but it went bad for them due to a four hero Wall and Vacuum of Dark Seer. Not only was Zenith able to get two kills and a tower, they were also able to free up some space for Anti-Mage.

By the 22nd minute, it was virtually even on both gold, experience and hero kills. Also, it was just then that Anti-Mage was able to get his Battle Fury despite dying only once. Orange, on the other hand, took an uncontested Roshan within the next minute.

The Aegis expired without being consumed. On that 6-minute duration, Orange was able to pick off Anti-Mage two times with Nyx and a Sheepstick OD, as well as take a bunch of towers. As compensation, Zenith was able to win a small team fight on the middle lane.

The Singaporeans tried to push the top lane not long after to no avail, losing both Lifestealer and Dark Seer on the process. Anti-Mage can’t do much on team fights because of his squishyness, then sporting only 1,200 HP. To make it harder for AM, two of Orange’s heroes have Sheepstick, the other two has Ghost Scepters and the other one has a Windrun, on top of OD’s Astral Imprisonment to kite him.

After taking the next Roshan, Orange breached highground on the bottom lane. They were able to pick off three heroes easily, forcing one buyback. Right after the tier-3 tower went down, Zenith contested but they lost the battle again. They lost this game’s first Barracks at the 34-minute mark. At this point, OD was already too big – he needed literally two right clicks with Arcane Orb to bring down Keeper of the Light. As Orange took the mid lane, Zenith called GG.


Winner:  Malaysia - 2000 USD + 30$ Steam Wallet x 15
Worthy Challenge:   Singapore - 30$ Steam Wallet x 15

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Event Details

Date: 4th May 2013 Venue: Online LIVE broadcast: 


  • 12 noon GMT+8 – Invasion (MY) vs (SG)?
  • 1.30pm GMT+8 – Mufc (MY) vs First Departure (SG)?
  • 3pm GMT+8 – Orange Neolution (MY) vs Zenith (SG)?
  • The seeding and assigning of teams to be confirmed. Don’t miss these actions!


Tournament Format:

The tournament will be played on a team battle format. Each country is composed of three (3) five-man teams, and the three teams will be playing together to represent their country.
The countries will be pitted head-to-head.
Each team will select the playing order for their team (first, second and third). The selected first teams compete against each other in a series of Best-of-1 or Best-of-3, depending on the needs of the event. Once a team is defeated, it will be eliminated and the winning team will then proceed to fight against the next team on the playing order. A group will lose on the instance that all of their teams get eliminated. This will mean that the last team on the group will be the anchor, as if that team loses – their group also loses.
As such, the playing order selected by a group will not be revealed until the matches are about to start. The groups can opt to select their better foot forward, or they can save the best for last. Strategy has always been an integral part of the game, and that strategy will begin right even before the games begin.

Participating Teams:



  • Yee ‘Mushi’ Fung Chai
  • Joel ‘XtincT’ Chan Zhan Leong
  • Lee ‘kyxy’ Kang Yang
  • Wai ‘net’ Pern Lim
  • Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong Xin

  • Litt-Binn ‘Winter’ Chan
  • Woi Cheong ‘ling’ Sim
  • Daniel ‘TFG’ Wong
  • Cheng Hor ‘FzFz’ Siew
  • Raymond ‘Sharky’ Wong
  • Jun Liong ‘dabeliuteef’ Loh

  • Quak ‘ShenGG’ Wai Seng
  • Chiew ‘xiobai’ Tak Wei
  • Wong ‘ghost’ Han Zhong
  • Chong ‘snow’ Mok Pin
  • Daniel ‘dandandan’ Chan Ming Yu



  • Daryl ‘iceiceice’ Koh Pei Xiang
  • Nicholas ‘xFreedom’ Kelvin Ileto Lim
  • Toh ‘xy- Wai Hong
  • Wei ‘Yamateh’ Poong Ng
  • Chee ‘Ice’ Cai Chua 
First Departure

  • Galvin ‘Meracle’ Kang Jian Wen
  • Chan ‘Lubby’ Jun Jie
  • Wilson ‘Poloson’ Koh Chin Wei
  • Jonathan ‘Scripted’ Lee Wen Jun
  • Paul ‘Hana’ Tan Ke Da
  • Teo ‘MEEEN’ Kai Sheng

  • Michael ‘ninjaboogie’ Ross
  • Teh ‘Hu Xiaoman’ YuanHing
  • Chester ‘Lei’ Lum
  • Shawn ‘Hachiko’ Ng
  • Marc Kevin ‘Swish/????’ Parasdas


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