DOTA 2 South East Asia

DOTA 2 Asia Championships

The Perfect World sponsored DotA2 Asia Championships will feature sixteen teams from around the world, with participants such as NewBee, ViCi Gaming and Evil Geniuses. So far, only six invited teams have been announced, including one from SEA, one from NA and four from China.

DotA2 Asia Championships is a major tournament organized by Perfect World and MarsTV, scheduled to begin in January 2015. A total of sixteen teams will participate in the tournament, eight of which will be directly invited while the rest will have to survive the tournament’s qualifiers. The qualifiers will feature teams from China and SEA.


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Tournament Schedule:

Beijing Time

  • 6th – 7th January 2015 – US Qualifier
  • 8th – 12th January 2015 – Europe Qualifier
  • 10th – 15th January 2015 – Asia Qualifier
  • 28th January – 2nd February 2015 – Lan Knockout Matches
  • 5th – 9th February – Main Event

DotA2 Asia Championships Participating teams:

Main Event:

Group Stage:

120+ games will be played over five days between sixteen teams.
Top eight teams advance directly to main event upper bracket.Middle four teams enter main event lower bracket.
Bottom four teams eliminated and tied for 13th place in Dota 2 Asia Championships.

 Team Secret 15-0 
 Big God 11-4
 Evil Geniuses 11-4
 Vici Gaming 11-4
 Hellraisers 9-6
 Natus Vincere 9-6
 Cloud 9 8-7
 Invictus Gaming 8-7
 LGD Gaming 7-8
 Ehome 7-8
 HyperGloryTeam 6-9
 Rave 5-10
 CDEC Gaming 5-10
 Tongfu.wanzhou 5-10
   Newbee 2-13
   MVP Phoenix 1-14

The format of Group Stage is Best of One. Head to head results will decide for tied teams.
There will be tie-breakers when necessary.

29th Jan 2015  Winner
Rave vs   Tongfu Round 1 Stage 1 12:00PM CCT Rave
 LGD  vs  IG Round 1 Stage 2 12:00PM CCT IG
MVP  vs  Newbee Round 1 Stage 3 12:00PM CCT MVP
EG vs  VG Round 2 Stage 1 13:30PM CCT EG
Cloud 9  vs HGT Round 2 Stage 2 13:30PM CCT Cloud 9
CDEC  vs  Ehome Round 2 Stage 3 13:30PM CCT CDEC
 Secret vs  Big God Round 3 Stage 1 15:00PM CCT Secret
Na’Vi  vs   HR.dota2 Round 3 Stage 2 15:00PM CCT HR.dota2
Rave vs   LGD  Round 3 Stage 3  15:00PM CCT LGD
 Tongfu  vs  IG Round 4 Stage 1 16:30PM CCT IG
MVP  vs  EG  Round 4 Stage 2  16:30PM CCT EG
Newbee vs  VG Round 4 Stage 3  16:30PM CCT VG
Cloud 9 vs  CDEC Round 5 Stage 1 18:00PM CCT Cloud 9
HGT vs   Ehome Round 5 Stage 2  18:00PM CCT Ehome
 Secret vs Na’Vi Round 5 Stage 3  18:00PM CCT Secret
 Big God vs   HR.dota2 Round 6 Stage 1 19:30PM CCT Big God
Rave vs  IG Round 6 Stage 2 19:30PM CCT Rave
 Tongfu vs   LGD  Round 6 Stage 3 19:30PM CCT Tongfu
 MVP vs  VG Round 7 Stage 1 21:00PM CCT VG
Newbee vs  EG  Round 7 Stage 2 21:00PM CCT EG
Cloud 9 vs  Ehome Round 7 Stage 3 21:00PM CCT Ehome
HGT vs CDEC Round 8 Stage 1 22:30PM CCT HGT
 Secret vs  HR.dota2 Round 8 Stage 2 22:30PM CCT Secret
HGT  vs Na’Vi Round 8 Stage 3 22:30PM CCT BG
Rave vs MVP Round 9 Stage 1 24:00PM CCT Rave
Tongfu vs  Newbee Round 9 Stage 2 24:00PM CCT Newbee
LGD vs  EG  Round 9 Stage 3 24:00PM CCT EG
30th Jan 2015  Winner
IG vs VG Round 10 Stage 1 12:00PM CCT VG
Cloud 9 vs  Secret Round 10 Stage 2 12:00PM CCT Secret
HGT vs  Big God Round 10 Stage 3 12:00PM CCT HGT
CDEC vs Na’Vi Round 11 Stage 1 13:30PM CCT Na’Vi
 Ehome vs  HR.dota2 Round 11 Stage 2 13:30PM CCT Ehome
Rave vs Newbee Round 11 Stage 3 13:30PM CCT Rave
Tongfu vs MVP Round 12 Stage 1 15:00PM CCT Tongfu
LGD vs VG Round 12 Stage 2 15:00PM CCT LGD
IG vs  EG  Round 12 Stage 3 15:00PM CCT EG
Cloud 9 vs  Big God Round 13 Stage 1 16:30PM CCT Big God
HGT vs  Secret Round 13 Stage 2 16:30PM CCT Secret
CDEC vs  HR.dota2 Round 13 Stage 3 16:30PM CCT CDEC
 Ehome vs Na’Vi Round 14 Stage 1 18:00PM CCT Na’Vi
Rave vs EG  Round 14 Stage 2 18:00PM CCT EG
Tongfu vs VG Round 14 Stage 3 18:00PM CCT VG
LGD vs MVP Round 15 Stage 1 19:30PM CCT LGD
IG vs Newbee Round 15 Stage 2 19:30PM CCT IG
Cloud 9 vs Na’Vi Round 15 Stage 3 19:30PM CCT Na’Vi
HGT vs  HR.dota2 Round 16 Stage 1 21:00PM CCT HR.dota2
CDEC vs  Secret Round 16 Stage 2 21:00PM CCT Secret
 Ehome vs  Big God Round 16 Stage 3 21:00PM CCT Big God
Rave vs VG Round 17 Stage 1 22:30PM CCT VG
Tongfu vs EG  Round 17 Stage 2 22:30PM CCT EG
LGD vs Newbee Round 17 Stage 3 22:30PM CCT LGD
IG vs MVP Round 18 Stage 1 24:00PM CCT IG
Cloud 9 vs  HR.dota2 Round 18 Stage 2 24:00PM CCT HR.dota2
Na’Vi vs HGT Round 18 Stage 3 24:00PM CCT Na’Vi
31st Jan 2015  Winner
CDEC vs  Big God Round 19 Stage 1 12:00PM CCT Big God
 Ehome vs  Secret Round 19 Stage 2 12:00PM CCT Secret
Rave vs Cloud 9 Round 19 Stage 3 12:00PM CCT Cloud 9
Tongfu vs HGT Round 20 Stage 1 13:30PM CCT HGT
LGD vs CDEC Round 20 Stage 2 13:30PM CCT CDEC
IG vs  Ehome Round 20 Stage 3 13:30PM CCT Ehome
 MVP vs  Secret Round 21 Stage 1 15:00PM CCT Secret
Newbee vs  Big God Round 21 Stage 2 15:00PM CCT Big God
EG vs Na’Vi Round 21 Stage 3 15:00PM CCT Na’Vi
VG vs  HR.dota2 Round 22 Stage 1 16:30PM CCT VG
Rave vs HGT Round 22 Stage 2 16:30PM CCT Rave
Tongfu vs Cloud 9 Round 22 Stage 3 16:30PM CCT Cloud 9
LGD vs  Ehome Round 23 Stage 1 18:00PM CCT LGD
IG vs CDEC Round 23 Stage 2 18:00PM CCT IG
 MVP vs  Big God Round 23 Stage 3 18:00PM CCT Big God
Newbee vs  Secret Round 24 Stage 1 19:30PM CCT Secret
 HR.dota2 vs EG  Round 24 Stage 2 19:30PM CCT HR.dota2
VG vs Na’Vi Round 24 Stage 3 19:30PM CCT VG
Rave vs CDEC Round 25 Stage 1 21:00PM CCT CDEC
Tongfu vs  Ehome Round 25 Stage 2 21:00PM CCT Tongfu
LGD vs  Secret Round 25 Stage 3 21:00PM CCT Secret
IG vs  Big God Round 26 Stage 1 22:30PM CCT IG
 MVP vs Na’Vi Round 26 Stage 2 22:30PM CCT Na’Vi
Newbee vs  HR.dota2 Round 26 Stage 3 22:30PM CCT HR.dota2
1st Feb 2015  Winner
Tongfu vs CDEC Round 27 Stage 1 12:00PM CCT Tongfu
LGD vs  Big God Round 27 Stage 2 12:00PM CCT LGD
IG vs  Secret Round 27 Stage 3 12:00PM CCT Secret
 MVP vs  HR.dota2 Round 28 Stage 1 13:30PM CCT HR.dota2
Newbee vs Na’Vi Round 28 Stage 2 13:30PM CCT Na’Vi
EG vs HGT Round 28 Stage 3 13:30PM CCT EG
VG vs Cloud 9 Round 29 Stage 1 15:00PM CCT VG
Rave vs  Secret Round 29 Stage 2 15:00PM CCT Secret
Tongfu vs  Big God Round 29 Stage 3 15:00PM CCT Big God
LGD vs Na’Vi Round 30 Stage 1 16:30PM CCT Na’Vi
IG vs  HR.dota2 Round 30 Stage 2 16:30PM CCT IG
 MVP vs Cloud 9 Round 30 Stage 3 16:30PM CCT Cloud 9
Newbee vs HGT Round 31 Stage 1 18:00PM CCT HGT
EG vs CDEC Round 31 Stage 2 18:00PM CCT EG
VG vs  Ehome Round 31 Stage 3 18:00PM CCT VG
Rave vs  Big God Round 32 Stage 1 19:30PM CCT Big God
Tongfu vs  Secret Round 32 Stage 2 19:30PM CCT Secret
LGD vs  HR.dota2 Round 32 Stage 3 19:30PM CCT HR.dota2
IG vs Na’Vi Round 33 Stage 1 21:00PM CCT IG
 MVP vs HGT Round 33 Stage 2 21:00PM CCT HGT
Newbee vs Cloud 9 Round 33 Stage 3 21:00PM CCT Cloud 9
EG vs  Ehome Round 34 Stage 1 22:30PM CCT EG
VG vs CDEC Round 34 Stage 2 22:30PM CCT VG
Rave vs Na’Vi Round 34 Stage 3 22:30PM CCT Na’Vi
2nd Feb 2015  Winner
 MVP vs CDEC Round 35 Stage 1 12:00PM CCT CDEC
Newbee vs  Ehome Round 35 Stage 2 12:00PM CCT Ehome
EG vs  Secret Round 35 Stage 3 12:00PM CCT Secret
VG vs  Big God Round 36 Stage 1 13:30PM CCT Big God
Rave vs  HR.dota2 Round 36 Stage 2 13:30PM CCT HR.dota2
Tongfu vs Na’Vi Round 36 Stage 3 13:30PM CCT Tongfu
LGD vs HGT Round 37 Stage 1 15:00PM CCT LGD
IG vs Cloud 9 Round 37 Stage 2 15:00PM CCT Cloud 9
MVP vs  Ehome Round 37 Stage 3 15:00PM CCT Ehome
Newbee vs CDEC Round 38 Stage 1 16:30PM CCT Newbee
EG vs  Big God Round 38 Stage 2 16:30PM CCT Big God
VG vs  Secret Round 38 Stage 3 16:30PM CCT Secret
EG vs Cloud 9 Round 39 Stage 1 18:00PM CCT EG
VG vs HGT Round 39 Stage 2 18:00PM CCT VG
Rave vs  Ehome Round 39 Stage 3 18:00PM CCT Ehome
Tongfu vs  HR.dota2 Round 40 Stage 1 19:30PM CCT HR.dota2
LGD vs Cloud 9 Round 40 Stage 2 19:30PM CCT Cloud 9
IG vs HGT Round 40 Stage 3 19:30PM CCT HGT
Tongfu vs Rave Tie-breaker Round 1 Rave
Rave vs CDEC Tie-breaker Round 2 CDEC
CDEC vs Tongfu Tie-breaker Round 3 Tongfu
3rd Feb 2015  Winner
CDEC vs Tongfu Tie-breaker Round 4 Tongfu
Tongfu vs Rave Tie-breaker Round 5 Rave
CDEC vs Rave Tie-breaker Round 6 Rave
Ferrari_430 vs s4 1v1 Round 1A
Game 1/1
Mushi vs Sumail 1v1 Round 1B
Game 1/1
Afoninje vs zai 1v1 Round 1C
Game 1/1
Yao vs Dendi 1v1 Round 1D
Game 1/1
s4 vs Mushi 1v1 Round 2A
Game 1/1
Afoninje vs Dendi 1v1 Round 2B
Game 1/1
Mushi vs Dendi 1v1 Round Championship

Regional Qualifiers:


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