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DK announces new roster with BurNing as coach

Having to miss out on World Esports Championship and Starladder X due to an unfinished roster, DK has finally announced their roster but it is unfortunately not as star-studded as their previous all-stars line-up.

The new DK team, spearheaded by former Vici Gaming player Tian Yu ‘CTY’ Chen will be undergoing training with the guidance of legendary DK carry, Zhi Lei ‘BurNing’ Xu. Joining Chen in the new DK squad will be players from tier-two Chinese teams such as Zhuo Rui ‘DreamyU’ Xue, and Han Ci ‘hanci’ Huang followed by two unknown players.

DK will debut their new roster at the end of the month in i-League LAN finals. The team has received a direct invitation from the organizers after they won the fan-voting poll prior to the roster announcement.

Team DK roster:

Tian Yu ‘Cty’ Chen
Zhuo Rui ‘DreamyU’ Xue
Han Ci ‘hanci’ Huang
Wen Yao ‘qian’ Li
Long Xu ‘Kun’ Kun
Zhi Lei ‘BurNing’ Xu