DOTA 2 South East Asia

ASUS ร่วมกับ Intel จัดให้! การแข่งขัน DOTA2 ชิงรางวัลรวม 300,000 บาทในงาน TGSBIG 2014


In turn, the disciples MOBA game that is popular around the world game.  DOTA2  now At the  TGSBIG 2014 between 17-19 October.  leading IT brand  ASUS with Intel  has held the game in a big way to the middle of no quarter. With the level of competition International DOTA2 game with international teams to compete with teams from New Zealand to compete in the same tournament. prizes worth over 300,000 Baht


For this competition takes place within TGSBIG 2014 throughout the entire 3-day event from 17-19 October 2557 at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor Siam Paragon DOTA2 game fans will enjoy. meet the standards of professional tournament. The stadium and watch and cheer to satisfy every round of the competition. Shows the spirit of competition, the E-Sports live.

For rules and race details will be revealed soon. This certainly ask them DOTA2 game’s progress carefully.


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