DOTA 2 South East Asia

AsianCyberGames 2013 Philippines (June)

Last week has been a roller coaste ride for the local DOTA 2 scene. A lot of players went free-agents, teams changed their rosters and teams lost their players.

Changes are inevitable but that won’t stop us in bringing you the next chapter of the most explosive DOTA 2 league in the country! The next leg of the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League Dota 2 is set to take place this weekend, with Class A and Class S teams will battle it out once again this Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

With the recent patch we’re pretty sure there’ll be a lot of teams that’ll pick some heroes that we don’t usually seen before. Will a new meta emerge? Or will the typical filipino play comes in hand? How do filipinos will cope up with the nerf on the bote-crow?

On the other side, Class S teams such as Mineski-Razer, Ex-TNC Gaming and Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries are the most effected on the recent changes. Mineski-Razer let go of Yani and acquired RR and Owa will now play again as a carry. Will their new gameplay help them to get a back-to-back championship? TNC Gaming already dropped their support on their DOTA 2 team and things are still unsure about the players. Will they stick together and play under a new banner or will they part their ways to play for other teams?

Class S Results

All class S teams will report on Mineski Infinity Taft 10:00 am!
Same as before 1k reg with FREE PC.

Due to the recent roster changes the following will be needed.

  1. Team pictures
  2. Updated individual pictures (For class S database to be released soon)
  3. Teams from Vis-Min are required to submit their invidual pictures for the database. And if possible a group pic.


  • Double Eliminations
  • All matches in Winners Bracket are Best-of-Three
  • All matches in Losers Bracket are Best-of-One
  • Finals is Best-of-Five with team from Winners Bracket starting 1-0.

Results – Class S

Mineski Razer

SponsorUsPls (Ex-TNC)



Class A Playoffs

Due to having FOUR open slots in Class S, matches will be played up to semifinals only.

Semifinal matches are Best-of-Three with winners proceeding to Class S Upper Bracket while losers to Class S Lower bracket.

Results – Class A

Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries


Bracket 1

Chat Channel: GMPGL1

 Bracket 2

Chat Channel: GMPGL2

 Bracket 3

Chat Channel: GMPGL3

Bracket 4

Chat Channel: GMPGL4

Bracket 5

Chat Channel: GMPGL5

 Bracket 6

Chat Channel: GMPGL6

Bracket 7

Chat Channel: GMPGL7

Bracket 8

Chat Channel: GMPGL8

Tournament Information:

What:  GMPGL 5-4 Dota 2 Class A and S
When:  Saturday,June 7-8,2013
Where:  Online,Dota 2 chat channels will be announced on Mineski Events Team Facebook Page
Call Time:  12:00 PM to 12:45 PM

Registered Teams:

  1. InzomniaBG
  2. ALT-F4
  3. Team A
  4. HytS
  5. Black Nova
  6. Weed Machines!
  7. GalawOne
  8. Noobs
  9. Yve
  10. Viggo.NinjaCooL
  11. Kakos Hexis
  12. Pacific2Badboys
  13. MI-LP Speratus
  14. Team RivaLs
  15. Elven
  16. Junquera
  17. Ferouqe Gaming
  18. JoeGoons
  19. Geared Force Dota 2
  20. GeekSquad
  21. Vice City
  22. Execration
  23. Lee Min
  24. Page Feed
  26. Wired
  27. No Sponsor
  28. ImusGaming
  29. dropbox
  30. Creamz.Pigeon.StillSpirits
  31. Kurizo Dota
  32. Hamburdag
  33. Crucio
  34. Lawl Firm
  35. ESTark Industries
  36. Ambush
  37. Beast of the East
  38. BOA
  39. Team Yuri
  40. Stronghold
  41. TnC-Intra
  42. Utoys
  43. nG
  44. Infamous
  45. iCity
  46. H2O
  47. Darth-Ops
  48. Pacific eSports
  49. Team SGX-Dota
  50. JohnLazy
  51. Unorthodox
  52. Stands Briefly
  54. Oldskool Gaming
  55. Veni Vidi Vici
  56. Fulminatus Gaming
  57. Goodgame
  59. Empowered Intuition Gaming
  60. TnC.[Gatchalian]
  61. Dasig
  62. CrimeSorciere
  63. No official Name
  64. Team GK
  65. Abiii Gaming
  66. Youjizz
  67. NO FE[A]R
  68. Cheaterz Online Dota2
  69. Team Meow Meow
  70. All In
  71. NSN™
  72. PZone
  73. NaVu.D2
  74. Blacky
  75. QdoTa
  76. Wisp
  78. Armada
  79. TK*
  80. InfoEX
  81. SoSu Gaming
  82. Kimz with Followers
  83. Oso^
  84. GNTLMN
  85. Incompertus Gaming