DOTA 2 South East Asia

AsianCyberGames 2013 Philippines (April)

The third leg of GMPGL DOTA 2 will surely be exciting as a lot of teams made buzz on the DOTA 2 scene for the past weeks.

Class A

Team GOSS are considered lucky by DOTA 2 fans. People are saying that they only stayed on Class S because their competitors joined another DOTA 2 tournament during the first leg. But fans disregarded the fact that they’ve climbed the Class A tournament and stood victorous,can they make a comeback this leg?

Our brothers from Cebu,Latos.BLAQUE,will now try to climb up the Class A tournament as they were demoted last leg. They maybe Class A right now but surely Latos already established their name as one of the best in the country.

Dreamz.Ledion.SteelSeries maybe a Class A team but this team surely proved that they are improving alot. The second placer of GOSUCUP IV will be on the hunt for the Class S spot,Can they do it this time?

Class S

After the NESC’s decision to ban Kimo and Ewe,many fans are wondering what will be their Execration’sfate as 2 of their lead players will be missing this leg.

MSIEvoGT‘s performance is a bit shaky nowadays. They’ve started this year with a bang but Kimo’s departure really gave them a shaky ground. Will they get their championship strenght back? or will Kimo’s disappearance really cripple the team?

TNC Gaming,the “underdogs”,may have started this league with an ok-ok performance but they surely know how to go out with a bang. Now considered as one of the best DOTA 2 teams,TNC Gaming is the most consistent among all the teams in GMPGL. Can they keep up or better yet,grab their first GMPGL Championship?

Mineski-DOTA 2,the current champion,is now looking for their back-to-back GMPGL championship. With a new training regimen and new boot camp,Can they grab it again or will they fall?


Up and Down Matches

Catch the top 6 of the last leg as they clashes out for the seeding for this leg.

Check this our for the schedule:


Author’s Predictions:

(Note:The following are only based on the author’s personal opinion)


Mineski-DOTA 2 versus Gangster.BLAQUE

Mineski maybe the champion but Gangster.BLAQUE is a top contender. I think this will be a close match but I’ll go with Mineski on this. With experience plus the all-star line-up,I think that Mineski can sweep Gangster in this series UNLESS  Mineski will be struck by their over-extension sickness then that’s a different story.


Execration versus MI LP SPERATUS

Execration is not on their full strength as of now so it’s hard to predict who will win because we still don’t know who will fill Kimo and Ewe’s* slot so i’ll be giving my vote to Speratus. I’ve watched how SPERATUS scrim with other teams and their chemistry is getting better while Execration will be adjusting their gameplay based on the 2 stand-ins.


*Kimo and Ewe are banned by NESC.

MSIEvoGT.TNC versus TNC Gaming

This is the hardest match to predict so far. Both teams are on their A-game so far but I have to go forMSIEvoGT.TNC on this one. MSIEvoGT is known for their late-game dependent strategies (going for item-dependent carries) while TNC Gaming is known for their Mid-Game-Clashes strategies (going for level-dependent heroes). If MSIEvoGT.TNC defended or escaped the deadly mid-game of TNC,They will surely win this set. It will all boils down on the utility carry,Vash,to support his team on mid-game clashes and Ryo’s farming (hard carry) to seal the deal.


Will a new team surfaced from the Class A? or Will the old dogs keep the new bloods on the ground? Will Mineski defend their championship? or Will they succumb to another team? These questions will be answered this weekends,Wednesday to Sunday,April 10-13. Stay tuned to for more updates of the biggest DOTA 2 league in the country,GIGABYTE Mineski ProGaming League. 

Settings are:

Starting Team: Random
Fill empty slots with bots: No
Enable cheats: No
Allow spectators: No
Game version: Tournament

Any lobby hosts not following the above settings should be reported to an admin.


Class S



Class A Playoffs

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Bracket 1

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Bracket 2

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Bracket 3

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Bracket 8

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