DOTA 2 South East Asia

AMD2PL Season 2 Rest of SEA Qualifier

AMD and DotaTalk proudly presents to you AMD Dota 2 Premier League Qualifier for Rest of  SEA Countries!


Match Team A Team B Winner
 A fxopenFX Open Esports (2) obligueObligue Gaming (0) fxopenFX Open Esports
B fxopenFX Open Esports (2) ateATE Gaming (0) fxopenFX Open Esports
C fxopenFX Open Esports (2) bfkBFK (0) fxopenFX Open Esports
D fxopenFX Open Esports (2) infamousInfamous (0) fxopenFX Open Esports
E fxopenFX Open Esports (2) gbangersG-Bangers (0) fxopenFX Open Esports
F fxopenFX Open Esports (2) FairyFairy Fails (0) fxopenFX Open Esports
G fxopenFX Open Esports (2) DTDouble Trouble (0) fxopenFX Open Esports


  • AMD Premier League Season 2 Rest of SEA Qualifier


  • 12th – 15th July 2013

Tournament Format:

The qualifiers for Rest of SEA are only for invited teams.
Teams are invited based on their performance in the June edition of GMPGL and achievements in Dota 2 tournament in May and June.
The format for the qualifiers is Last Man Standing where the champion of the qualifiers will advance to the Main Event.
To connect with the fans more closely, the organizer have decided to give the fans a chance to vote and decide the ranking for each invited team, in the Last Man Standing bracket.
All matches in the qualifiers are in Best of 3 format where losers will be eliminated.

Match Schedules

Match A – Rank 8 vs Rank 7 - 12th July 2013 – 8.00 PM 8GMT
Match B – Winner of Match A vs Rank 6 - 12th July 2013 – 10.30 PM 8GMT
Match C – Winner of Match B vs Rank 5 – BO3 – 13th July 2013 – 8.00 PM 8GMT
Match D – Winner of Match C vs Rank 4 – BO3 – 13th July 2013 – 10.30 PM 8GMT
Match E – Winner of Match D vs Rank 3 – BO3 – 14th July 2013 – 8.00 PM 8GMT
Match F – Winner of Match E vs Rank 2 – BO3 – 14th July 2013 – 10.30 PM 8GMT
Match G – Winner of Match F vs Rank 1 – BO3 – 15th July 2013 – 8.00 PM 8GMT

Invited Teams:

No. Team No. Team
1  Crew (Throw Doto Best Dota) 2  Dragon.Net
3  Go Esports 4  KH5
5  Lvl Gaming 6  Melodic Elite
7  Neolution.G7 8  Revivial


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