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AMD DOTA2 Premier League Season 1

AMD DOTA2 Premier League Season 1 announced!
Asia can expect another DOTA 2 tournament as AMD presents the season one of the AMD DOTA2 Premier League.

AMD Premiere League crowns its first Champion

The Champion for the AMD Premier League had been crowned, with the final series ending in just three games.


sgZenith and cn Tongfu competed on a Best-of-5 Finals series for the the Championship title of the AMD Premier League. The two TI3 directly-invited teams have been impressive on their way to this match, with both Zenith and TF claiming 2-0 victories over Inv.MUFC and Rising Star respectively.

sgZenith vs cn Tongfu

Game 1 - Zenith looked beautiful on the early stages of the first game. They have arguably the better heroes on laning: they have a Gyrocopter up top against a Lone Druid, a Queen of Pain against Magnus, and an all-ranged, all-int hero offensive trilane. The trilane advantage showed quickly, as the Singaporean team got the first two kills on the game.

Magnus got the leverage though, and was able to win team fights for his team. Tongfu showed the farming capacity of an Anti-Mage with empower, as the hero flash-farmed despite being denied early. As soon as he was able to get his necessary farm, TF pushed the lanes with the AM and the Bear. Despite a Twin-Headed Dragon and a Tinker, Zenith wasn’t able to defend and AM’s Abyssal Blade just lets him to kill anyone at will.


sgZenith 0-1 cn Tongfu

Game 2 – Zenith tried to counter the mid Clockwerk by last picking the Phantom Assassin. Not only does PA perform recently well against melee heroes, the late game also offers his team a deadly empowered PA hitting while enemies are captured on the Reverse Polarity and/or on Dark Seer’s Vacuum.

Zenith tried to win the middle lane with the two supports trying to gank mid, but TF showed the power of Earthshaker which kept CG alive. Zenith tried again, this time at the top lane, and successfully took first blood.

After that though, the whole story revolved around the awesome Clockwerk play of Mu, racking up kills after kills for his team. They abused the level-dependent heroes of Zenith, not allowing them to have any space at all. Mu already amounted to 13 kills by himself on the 16th minute, and Zenith called GG not long after that.


sgZenith 0-2 cn Tongfu

Game 3 – With their backs against the wall, Zenith had as good of a start on the game as a team could have had. They were able to get four kills before the creeps even spawn, three of them coming into the hands of the Lone Druid.

They continued to drive on their lead, with the supports rotating back and forth into the top and middle lane to help them win those lanes on the early stages. Not only were they aggressive on their ganking, they also made sure they secure the kills with Sentry wards and dusts. Just five minutes into the game, the Singaporean team already looked to be comfortably ahead.

Gyrocopter continued to rack up farm and Zenith continued to increase their lead, but they just can’t seem to drive the nail into the coffin. Despite the lead, they only managed a 4-3 trade at the 27th minute. Not only that, they lost 4-0 just two minutes after, which also lead TongFu to claim Roshan. The next big fight happened more than 10 minutes later, where TongFu again won due to the great 3-core RP by Magnus. They also were able to claim Roshan again at around the 42-minute mark.


RP by Magnus on Lone Druid, Gyrocopter and Leshrac

TF, being further ahead, looked more dominant on the upcoming team fights. They just completely blew Zenith away, and disposed them for good as they went for the bottom barracks. The Singaporean team called GG at the 48-minute mark, as the Chinese team easily breached high ground and won the teamfight.


sgZenith 0-3 cn Tongfu

With the win, TongFu has secured themselves the Championship. It can be noted that the top three finishers are teams with direct invites into The International 3.

  • Champion: cn TongFu – 3000 USD
  • Runner-up: sgZenith – 1500 USD
  • 2nd runner-up: my Invasion.MUFC – 5oo USD

This online tournament will be open to 7 different regions namely:

  1. Singapore / Indonesia [Details] Winner:  dm2
  2. Malaysia [Details] Winner:  Invaison.Gigabyte.QMX
  3. Philippines / Brunei qualifiers [Details] Winner:  Speratus MILP
  4. Vietnam / Myanmar / Thailand[Details] Winner:  Tell Me Why
  5. Australia / New Zealand[Details] Winner:  Fairy Tail
  6. India / Sri Lanka / Others (West Asia)[Details] Winner:  AtE.Err0R
  7. Others (East Asia) [Details] Winner:  OguraYui

24 teams will qualifier into the regional finals and playoff until the final 8 teams. These final 8 teams will eventually square off with another 8 invited teams in the main event to battle it out for the US$5,000 cash prize pool.

The invited teams will only be known later in order of their regional qualifiers.

Prizes pool:

  • Champion: US$3,000 cash
  • Runner up: US$1,500 cash
  • 2nd runner up: US$500 cash


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