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Flash DOTA 2 League Season 2


FD2L Professional Category

Zenith retains the Flash DOTA2 league title

The Flash DOTA2 League Season 2 came to close today at Singapore’s Alienware Arena with SINGAPORETeam Zenith retaining their title beating SINGAPORENetolic.SG in the professional category.

SINGAPORENeolution.International finished in third place overcoming SINGAPOREFlash.Dota, the team that suprisingly knocked out SINGAPOREFirst Depature.

Final results:

Champion: SINGAPORETeam Zenith - $1,000 + SteelSeries Dota2 Bundle x5 + Steam Wallet $30 USD x5
2nd Place: SINGAPORENetolic.SG – $500
3rd Place: SINGAPORENeolution.International – $250
4th Place: SINGAPOREFlash.DotA – $100

FD2L Open Category Recap

A familiar sight it was, the Alienware Arena packed to the door for the opening hours of the Flash Dota 2 League, Season 2, 2013. Albeit a slightly smaller turn out than last season’s, the Open Category got under way to a rousing attendance of 33 teams which included the newly established Flash.DotA team. True to the rumors surrounding their first appearance, the recently unveiled quintet, captained by Zhi Ren “Bouncy” Lin, were made to play through the Open rounds of day one and unsurprisingly they never disappointed.

Making their way up Group A, Flash.DotA counted themselves one of the two lucky teams that made it to the round of 16 without having to play an opponent—the other team being team Closegame. Both though quickly ascended into the round of 8 after dispatching Mirage and Front Road Men respectively.

Elsewhere, Group B played host to team Asterisks* who were unceremoniously handed their tickets out of the round of 32 after defeat to Siao Ginas. iSg.Vindicate joined Flash.DotA and Closegame as the other team to walkover into the round of 16 following a lack of opposition. Away in a booth by the spectator’s corner, the lively commentator LysanderXonora, the winner of Season 1’s casting competition, returned to his casting throne for the day’s round of bouts.

Shoutcaster LysanderXonora

Contestants played out a best of 1 series all the way into the latter stages where finalists were made to duke it out over a best of 2 round in a robin format. By 3 pm the final four were cast and they were, (in no particular order) Sun, We are On The Way (WOTW), Flash.DotA and DM2, also known as Neolic.SG. WOTW, who dumped out surprise package, MyonMyon, in the round of 8 following the latter’s rout of Shark and DKC en route to that stage, found their play lacking some serious game in the final stages.

After falling twice to DM2 in the first set, WOTW found defeat to be a recurring theme—crashing and burning against Flast.DotA and Sun in all remaining games. It was all fair game for the rest though, with sets going all square in tightly contested match ups featuring the trio; the Sun vs. Flash.DotA games in particular were entertainingly close with kill counters figures going neck to neck for almost the whole game.

At 6 pm, with Flash.DotA sitting pretty at the top alongside DM2 who had a game in hand, it was left to the guys from Neolic.SG to write their own history. Playing Sun for the second time they knew that victory would put them a win more than the home boy’s tally of four wins in six games, thus moving them up the league board. And with true to form an upset was indeed on the cards for team Flash after DM2 put another over a ragged Sun to make it five wins in six games; earning themselves the honor of walking out of the competition as winners of the Open Category, SGD$300 richer and with Steam and Steelseries goodies in hand.

DM2 weren’t the only winners yesterday though. Picking up swag of their own during the intermissions between live games were lucky spectators and competitors at the onsite giveaways. Expect more such giveaways today though as Flash ramps up the festivities for the final day of the FD2L Season 2.

All eyes will be on the teams participating in the Professional Category at the Alienware Arena, Chinatown, Singapore today. If you’re planning to head on down or perhaps catch the livestream, head on over to the official FD2L Season 2 site at for more on brackets, game times and location.


      • Open Category – 4 May 2013
      • Professional League – 5 May 2013


      • Alienware Arena, Lucky Chinatown, Level 3 211 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059432
      • [View Location Map]

Registration Method:

Registration Fee:

      • Open Category S$50
      • Professional League S$30

(teams which qualify from Open Category on the 4th
May 2013 need not pay the registration fee to enter the
Professional League on the 5th May 2013)

      • Alienware Arena Members’ Privilege

Alienware Arena members pay only $10 for registration, and Alienware Arena VIP members get free registration.
Do note that every registered member in the team has to be an Alienware Arena member or VIP member to enjoy the discounted prices.
Members will be reimbursed at the Alienware Arena on the day of the competition itself.
Those who are not members yet can sign up at the event to enjoy the discounted prices. Membership is $40 per person per year.

Rules & Regulation:

Competition Structure:

      • Season 2 – Open Category
        32 slots, open registration
      • Season 2 – Professional League (Max 16 Teams)
        1. - HARROSH 3.0- Monsieur Gaming
        2. - fAze Sohaijor- Pigs
        3. - iS_Gaming- Grass
        4. - AiR.Mx- Team Zenith
        5. - DZK- [L]ittle
        6. - Random- Team DsD
        7. - PtZ- First Departure
        8. - Stars

Should any of the teams in the Professional League
choose to retire, teams from the Open Category will be
promoted according to merit. Flash eSports will make the
final decision should there be any dispute.

Competition Schedule:


 Open Category
  • 1st Prize: S$300 + Steelseries QcK Mousepad S$39 x5 + Steam Wallet USD30 x5
  • 2nd Prize:  S$200
  • 3rd Prize: S$100
  • 4th Prize: S$50
  • 5th Prize: S$25
Professional League
  • 1st Prize: S$1,000 + Steelseries Dota2 Bundle S$95 x5 + Steam Wallet USD40 x5
  • 2nd Prize: S$500
  • 3rd Prize: S$250
  • 4th Prize: S$100
  • 5th Prize: S$50
Online Giveaways 
  • Facebook:
    - Steam Wallet USD5 x10
  • Facebook:
    - Gunnar Legend Eyewear S$149 x1
    - Gunnar Intercept Eyewear S$99 x1
    - Steelseries QcK Mousepad S$39 x1
    - Steelseries QcK Mini Mousepad x3
 Onsite Giveaways
  • 6sessions:
    - Steam Wallet USD5 x6
  • 4 Sessions:
    - Gunnar Legend Eyewear S$149 x1
    - Gunnar Intercept Eyewear S$99 x1
    - Steelseries Dota2 Bundle S$95 x1
    - Steelseries QcK Mini Mousepad x3


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