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DreamLeague Season 7

What do you see? We see champions. Legends. Masters. People who just want be done with it and move on to season 8.

Good thing, because DreamLeague season 7 is coming to an end, and will all go down in fireworks, glamour and brutal battles that some would deem to call epic.

Four teams, three from Europe and one from North America, will go nuts on each-other between July 21-22 – all for a chance to win a share of the $175,000 dollar prize pool, and it’s all happening at DreamHack Atlanta.

Join us as we find out whole will take the championship of season 7.

Prizes & Winners:

The prize pool for the finals is $175,000 USD.

Placing Prize Winner



Lower bracket Final – Planet Odd vs Team Secret – 2-0
Grand Final – Team Liquid vs Planet Odd – 3-2


Semifinal #1 – Team Secret vs Planet Odd – 1-2
Semifinal #2 – Team Liquid vs Vega Squadron – 2-0
Upper bracket Final – Planet Odd vs Team Liquid – 0-2
Lower bracket Semifinal – Team Secret vs Vega Squadron – 2-1


  • 21-22 July 2017


  • DreamHack Atlanta

Tournament Format:

  • The LAN Finals will be held at DreamHack Atlanta on July 21st and 22nd 2017.
  • Three teams from EU Division and one from NA Division qualify for the finals.
  • Double elimination Bo3.
  • Grand Final is Bo5 with no upper bracket advantage.


Planet Odd
NA Division

Vega Squadron
EU Division

Team Secret
EU Division

Team Liquid
EU Division