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Premiere Screening: Skin Trade

Movie Information:

  • Release Date – 30 April, 2015
  • Language – English
  • Subtitle – Malay, Chinese
  • Cast – Tony Jaa, Dolph Lundgren, Ron Pearlman, Michael Jai White
  • Director – Ekachai Uekrongtham

Movie Synopsis:

New Jersey detective, Nick Cassidy (Dolph Lundgren) heads to Bangkok where he teams up with Thai detective, Tony Vitayakui (Tony Jaa) to hunt down Viktor Dragovic (Ron Pearlman) and destroy his human trafficking network. Nick had inadvertently killed Dragovic’s son in a sting operation on the New Jersey docks, and Dragovic responded by attempting to kill Nick and his family. Nick miraculously survived the brutal attack, but his wife and daughter were killed. With nothing but vengeance to live for, Nick and Tony traverse their way through the Bangkok underworld in search of the elusive Dragovic. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Eddie Reed (Michael Jai White) is sent in to bring Nick home. But as the explosive crossfire ensues, Nick has to determine who his true allies are…




Name one of the actors in “Skin Trade”. Write your answer and email to [email protected] Inbox us with the title message “Skin Trade” together with your name / contact / email. The winner will receive 2 complimentary movie passes for the special screening of “Skin Trade”. Screening details as follows

  • Date: 29 April 2015
  • Time: 9:00pm
  • Venue: GSC Pavilion KL
How Does It Work?
  • All entries submission must reach before 27th April 2015
  • Open to public, participants must be staying in Malaysia only.
  • eClub has the final rights to decide the winners and the rights to modify the above terms and conditions. eClub will not entertain any complains or dispute.
  • eClub reserved the right to change the terms & conditions for this promotion without prior notice.
  • Passes can’t be change to cash