DOTA 2 South East Asia

Closing: The Live Gaming Dota 2 Tournament

Every mountain has a top which everyone want to reach, as same as The Live Gaming Dota 2 Tournament have achived their goals that more than one thousand (1000) spectators have joined to see Team The Prime Indonesia being the Championship of The Live Gaming. More than 700 spectators in ticket game, 400 on twitch and also more than 400 watch on track dota. We already break the goals and get a lot of viewer to develop dota 2 in Indonesia to better. 8 teams compete in a week to get the 1st place but Team NXL> and Rex Regum Qeon have been beat down by The Prime Indonesia.

Team NXL> got knockdown to lower bracket by The Prime Indonesia at round 1 Winner Bracket but they were fight and beat Rex Regum Qeon at Final Lower Bracket with 2-1 score, it was a beautiful games from each teams.

Rex Regum Qeon the one of the best team from Indonesia unfortunately should go down to lower bracket because The Prime Indonesia won the game at Final Winner Bracket with 2-1 score, and they got the 3rd place because Team NXL> beat them at Final Lower Bracket with 2-1 score.

The Prime Indonesia beat all teams (Team NXL>, Rex Regum Qeon, Mahameru ID, Garuda Infinity, Garuda Stedium O2F, TP Arvore, , The Wolf Destructor) and get Rp 9.000.000,- in cash. And also invited to The Live Gaming Season 2 with the other 8 big teams.

Congratulation to all the teams which got the prize and thank you to all player dota 2 in Indonesia whos support Live Gaming Broadcast to achive our goals and also best regards from us to all media partner VGI,E-Club Malaysia, Dota 2 Indonesia, and many more that we cant mention to being our voice over the world.

The Live Gaming Season 2 will be held at the end of 2015, we need a lot of support from players, product, association and government to make Esport in Indonesia better than now, if there any question, comment, suggestion and want to join us, just contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Congrats ThePrime Indonesia , Juara 1 Live Gaming