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Daily Archives: October 27, 2017

New Blood Championship

Hosted in Jakarta Indonesia the New Bloods Championships Main Event will feature 1 team qualifying from each country qualifier, 1 team from the Rest Of S.E.A qualifier and 2 remaining teams of which 1 will be from GamePlan’s Dota 2 amateur tournament hosted by Genysis Esports and a remaining last slot which is...
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Double Rampage Super League Season IV (Amateur)

Prizes & Winner:  Place Prizes Winner  RM1000 Adabi Gaming  RM500 Curious Gaming  RM300 Unravel  RM200 Vc.Gaming.MSI Consolation Prize (5x Mythical Set + 5x Immortals) Yaya and Friends RABBLE-ROUSER Consolation Prize (5x Rare Set + 5x Immortals) Team Rebel Z-Net Gaming Consolation Prize (5x Immortals) Prototype Gaming Team EUNI Sadface Lullaby Consolation Prize (5x...
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