Counter-Strike Global Offensive SEA

World Electronic Sports Games 2016 – CSGO


 Team EnVyUs

 Team Kinguin


 Space Soldiers
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Grand Final: (China)

  • Date: 12-15 Jan 2017
  • Venue: Chang Zhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium
 Group A W-D-L Pts.
 Team EnVyUs 3-2-0 11
 Virtus.Pro 3-2-0 11
 epsilon 2-2-1 8
 Team Russia 2-2-1 8
 Team One 1-0-4 3
 Team Canada 0-0-5 0
 Broup B W-D-L Pts. 4-1-0 13
 VG.CyberZEN 3-1-1 10
 K23 2-2-1 8
 Team Colombia 1-1-3 4
 ENZO 1-0-3 3
 rEAK 0-2-3 2
 Group C W-D-L Pts.
 Team Kinguin 3-1-0 10
 Space Soldiers 3-1-0 10
 Signature 1-1-2 4
 Bravado 1-1-2 4
 Five 0-0-4 0
 Group D W-D-L Pts.
 Dark Passage 3-2-0 11
 TyLoo 2-2-1 8
 Selfless 2-2-1 8
 Team Ukraine 2-1-2 7
 Team Quetzal 1-1-3 4
 JYP 0-2-3 2
14 Jan Match Team 1 vs Team 2 Winner
 11:00am 1/8  TyLoo  2-0  Signature  TyLoo
 11:00am 1/8  VG.CyberZEN  0-2  epsilon  epsilon
 11:00am 1/8  Virtus.Pro  2-0  K23  Virtus.Pro
 11:00am 1/8  Space Soldiers  2-0  Selfless  Space Soldiers
 2:00pm 1/4 Team EnVyUs  2-1  TyLoo  Team EnVyUs
 2:00pm 1/4  1-2  Space Soldiers  Space Soldiers
 2:00pm 1/4 Dark Passage  0-2  Virtus.Pro  Virtus.Pro
 2:00pm 1/4 Team Kinguin  2-1  epsilon  Team Kinguin
15 Jan Match Team 1 vs Team 2 Winner
 11:00am S.Final Team Kinguin  2-0  Virtus.Pro  Team Kinguin
 11:00am S.Final Team EnVyUs  2-1  Space Soldiers  Team EnVyUs
 2:15pm 3/4 Place  Space Soldiers  0-2  Virtus.Pro  Virtus.Pro
 6:30pm Final Team EnVyUs  2-0  Team Kinguin  Team EnVyUs
12 Jan Group Team 1 vs Team 2 Winner
 11:30am D (Stage) Selfless  1-1  TyLoo Draw
 11:30am D  Dark Passage 2-0  Team Quetzal  Dark Passage
 11:30am D  JYP  1-1  Team Ukraine Draw
 11:30am C  Team Kinguin  2-0  Five  Team Kinguin
 11:30am C  Space Soldiers  2-0  Signature  Space Soldiers
 1:30pm A (Stage)  Team Russia  1-1  Virtus.Pro  Draw
 1:30pm A  Team Canada 0-2  Team EnVyUs  Team EnVyUs
 1:30pm B  Team Colombia  2-0  ENZO  Team Colombia
 1:30pm A  Team One  0-2  Epsilon  Epsilon
 1:30pm B  K23  1-1  rEAK Draw
 1:30pm B  2-0  VG.CyberZEN
 3:30pm D Selfless  2-0  JYP  Selfless
 3:30pm D  Team Quetzal  0-2  TyLoo  TyLoo
 3:30pm C  Signature  1-1  Bravado Draw
 3:30pm D  Dark Passage  2-0  Team Ukraine  Dark Passage
 3:30pm C (Stage)  Space Soldiers  1-1  Team Kinguin  Draw
 5:30pm A (Stage)  Team Russia  2-0  Team One   Team Russia
 5:30pm A  Virtus.Pro  2-0  Team Canada   Virtus.Pro
 5:30pm A  Epsilon  1-1  Team EnVyUs Draw
 5:30pm B  2-0  Team Colombia
 5:30pm B  rEAK  0-2  ENZO  ENZO
 7:30pm D Selfless  2-0  Team Ukraine  Selfless
 7:30pm C  Signature  2-0  Five  Signature
 7:30pm B (Stage)  K23  0-2  VG.CyberZEN  VG.CyberZEN
 7:30pm D  Dark Passage  1-1  TyLoo Draw
 11:30am D  JYP  1-1  Team Ukraine Draw
 7:30pm C  Space Soldiers  2-0  Bravado  Space Soldiers
13 Jan Group Team 1 vs Team 2 Winner
 11:00am A  Team Russia  0-2  Team EnVyUs  Team EnVyUs
 11:00am A  Virtus.Pro  vs  Team One
 11:00am A (Stage)  Epsilon  2-0  Team Canada  Epsilon
 11:00am B  Team Colombia  0-2  VG.CyberZEN  VG.CyberZEN
 11:00am B  K23  2-0  ENZO  K23
 11:00am B  rEAK  0-2
 1:00pm D (Stage)  TyLoo  0-2  Team Ukraine  Team Ukraine
 1:00pm D Selfless  0-2  Team Quetzal  Team Quetzal
 1:00pm D  JYP  0-2  Dark Passage  Dark Passage
 1:00pm C  Team Kinguin  2-0  Bravado  Team Kinguin
 1:00pm C  Space Soldiers  2-0  Five  Space Soldiers
 3:00pm A  Team Russia  1-1  Epsilon Draw
 3:00pm A(Stage)  Virtus.Pro  1-1  Team EnVyUs Draw
 3:00pm A Team One  2-0  Team Canada  Team One
 3:00pm B  K23  2-0  Team Colombia  K23
 3:00pm B  2-0  ENZO
 3:00pm B  rEAK  0-2  VG.CyberZEN  VG.CyberZEN
 5:00pm C(Stage) Five  0-2  Bravado  Bravado
 5:00pm D Selfless  1-1  Dark Passage Draw
 5:00pm D Team Quetzal  0-2  Team Ukraine  Team Ukraine
 5:00pm C  Signature  0-2  Team Kinguin   Team Kinguin
 5:00pm D  JYP  0-2  TyLoo  TyLoo
 7:00pm B(Stage) VG.CyberZEN  1-1  ENZO Draw
 7:00pm A  Team Russia  2-0  Team Canada  Team Russia
 7:00pm A Virtus.Pro  2-0  Epsilon  Virtus.Pro
 7:00pm A Team One  0-2  Team EnVyUs  Team EnVyUs
 7:00pm B  K23  1-1 Draw
 7:00pm B   rEAK  1-1  Team Colombia Draw





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