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The World Championships is a nation based global CS:GO tournament where nations from all over the world will play in 6 continental qualifiers for a place in the 8 team, $100,000 LAN finals. The qualifiers will be broadcasted from our studios in Belgrade with the LAN finals taking place in a massive arena where you can come support your nation live at the venue. A unique tournament which pitches different nations of the world against each other to find out which country is the best at Counter Strike: Global Offensive. TWC 2016 will bring out emotions and feelings no other CS:GO tournament will, players will be playing for their country and nation, patriotism will run high as we bring World Cup fever to CS:GO.








  • 12 October 2016


  • Belgrade


$100,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below. Additionally $50,000 USD is being shared amongst the contestants for travel and housing costs.

 Placing Prize
USD 50,000
USD 25,000
USD 10,000
USD 10,000


European Qualifier

European Qualifier

European Qualifier

European Qualifier

Asian Qualifier

African Qualifier

North American Qualifier

South American Qualifier

South American Qualifiers - 6th July

TWC 2016 South American Qualifiers

The World Championships have already seen one nation advancing from the Oceanic Qualifiers, and now it is time to turn our heads towards the Southern part of the American continent. Ten teams will have the chance to compete in the South American Qualifiers for a spot in the #TWC2016 Finals in Belgrade, Serbia.

Seeded Teams and Tournament Format

Eight teams will be matched up for Round 1 of the Qualifier. The Seeded teams (Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Chile) will be put to the test against the non-seeded teams (Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia). A Single-Elemination, Bo3 bracket will see two teams advance.

In Round 2, these teams will battle it out against Brazil and Argentina, who have received higher seeds. The winners of these respective matches will meet in a Bo5 Grand Finals and whoever succeeds there, will qualify directly for the LAN Finals in Belgrade.


The matches for the Qualifier Round One will be drawn on the 3rd of July, 23:00 CEST (18:00 BRT)  and can be watched live at In addition to the main stream, we are going to provide simultaneously playing streams in different languages. The Qualifier itself will start on the 6th of July, 23:00 CEST.

For more information, visit the TWC official site at

European Qualifier - 4th August

TWC 2016 European Qualifier

We are introducing the last regional tournament before the Main Event starting in October ­ the European Qualifier, which will fill out the last 3 remaining open spots in The World Championships 2016. No less than 48 countries will be represented this year in the battle for a trip to Belgrade.

Tournament Format:

Due to the massive number of teams, we have split the Qualifier into 3 stages: Qualifying Round 1, Qualifying Round 2 and the Main Qualifier.

Qualifying Round 1:​
32 teams are split into 16 seeded and 16 non­seeded teams based on last year’s results. The seeded teams are: Turkey, Belarus, Serbia, Latvia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Switzerland, Georgia and Ireland. They will be paired up with the non seeded teams: Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldavia, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Albania, Montenegro, Israel, Malta, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Qualifying Round 2: ​
Top 8 teams in Qualifying Round 1 advance to QR2 where they are awaited by another 8 seeded teams based on last year’s results. Those teams are: Iceland, Slovakia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Denmark. Both Qualifying Rounds 1&2 are set in a Single Elimination Bo3 format.

Main Qualifier:​
8 teams advance out of QR2 into the Main Qualifiers where 8 top European seeds await them. They are split into 4 primary seeds: Russia, France, Poland, Sweden, and 4 secondary seeds: Norway, Belgium, Germany and Netherlands. Unlike the previous rounds, the Main Qualifier start off with a GSL Group Stage of four groups with 4 teams in each. Two qualified teams join one primary and one secondary seed in each group and two best teams advance out of each group. From there on 8 of the best European teams battle it out in the Single Elimination Bo3 Playoffs as they play to determine 3 teams who finally complete the lineup for the Main Event ­ the LAN Finals in Belgrade!

Match Format:

In both Qualifying Rounds 1&2 all matches are played in a best­of­three format. Afterwards, the Group Stage of the Main Qualifier is fixed to a best­of­one format except for the decider matches which are a best­of­three. The Main Qualifier Playoffs are also played in a best­of­three format with Grand Finals being Bo5.

Time and Dates:

  • August 4: QR1 draw at
  • August 8: Qualifying Round 1 begins
  • August 22: Qualifying Round 2 Draw
  • August 23: Qualifying Round 2 begins
  • August 27: Main Qualifier Draw
  • August 29: Main Qualifier Group Stage
  • We will be announcing 8 team rosters per day, starting on 04.08.2016



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