Counter-Strike Global Offensive SEA

MixBOT Pro-League Invite Season 1

MixBot Pro-League is an E-sports League host by Idea Field(hk) , LTD.


Date & Time:

  • 11th September – 5th October 2015
  • (GMT +8 7:00 Pm ,every Friday and Saturday)
Date (GMT+8, 7pm) Matches
11th September GroupStage A & B , 6 BO1 in total (ReGroup to EFGH)
12th September GroupStage C & D , 6 BO1 in total (ReGroup to EFGH)
18th September New GroupStage E & F , 4 BO1 in total
19th September New GroupStage G & H , 4 BO1 in total
1st October Asian all-star A vs Asian all-star 1 BO3 Showmatch
All-star vs (Female) 1 BO3 Showmatch
2nd October Quarter Finals , 2 BO3
3rd October Quarter Finals , 2 BO3
4th October Semi Finals , 2 BO3
5th October Grand Final , 1 BO3


  • All matches will be played in MixBOT’s Official HongKong Server

Tournament Format:

  • GroupStage (BO1) – New Group (BO1) – Quarter Finals (BO3) – Semi Finals (BO3) – Grand Finals (BO3)
  • GroupStage:Groupstage Teams are all invited by MixBOThk,16 teams in total.4 teams will be divided in 1 Group,4 Groups in total.
  • The one team in the group with double wins in a row could get into the quarter finals ,the other 3 teams will be regrouped ,play bo1 until theres 4 more qualifiers.

Rules & Regulations:

  • During the matches, Player should not leak the server ip to anyone and keep his steam offline.


  • 1st Place: USD 2000
  • 2nd Place: USD 1000


  • TBA
Organized by:
   Idea Field(hk) , LTD.

The organizer reserve the rights to modify or change the content of this document without any prior notice
Participants join the event on their own discretion. Any dispute please contact the organizer.