Counter-Strike Global Offensive SEA



Jynx’Gaming win battles CS: GO MINI CUP: BANGKOK BY NVIDIA.
     The result was a successful competitive CS: GO MINI CUP: BANGKOK BY NVIDIA’s gaming sector of the FPS in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which was held at Goldensoft Festival 2012 at the Activity Level 3 IT Mall Fortune Tower Rush. David on November 10, 2555, including the past by using a Single Elimination Tournament team lost once considered eliminated from the competition. Demolition mode is the only map that measures the Best of 20 bombing missions, any team can win in 11 games before the match. During the match, there will be a switch at the end of the game. 10.      In the fourth round, the team with the first duel between the teams.Eo.ChickenOne team Eo.Digital Eo.Digital proven team has the ability to win in the last over with 11 players: 2 doubles team 2 teams met Jynx’Gaming Eo. Kick-ass team of Jynx. ‘Gaming win with score 11: 0th through to the finals easily       for the final battle against the Eo.Digital Jynx’Gaming who duelist in this game called Jynx’Gaming team can beat them. completely bombed disastrously defeated Eo.Digital team to victory with a score of 11: 1 Jynx’Gaming team to win the CS: GO MINI CUP: BANGKOK BY NVIDIA to occupy.

Award-winning team, including Jynx’Gaming.

Prize money 5000 Baht
prize money for the support of 2,000 Baht

Runners, including Teams Eo.Digital.

Prize money 2500 Baht 
prize money for the support of 1,000 Baht