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AsianCyberGames 2013 Philippines

Date: March – October 2013, Philippines | You all have asked for it a million times and surely we have heard you. This fifth season of GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League, CS:GO is to make its debut this week from February 8 to 10 (Friday to Sunday). CS:GO teams from all over the Philippines are bound towards one goal this month and that is to be the very first GMPGL CS:GO champion!


March Qualifier: Final Results for GMPGL 5-3 CS:GO
April Qualifier: | Photos
May Qualifier:

Tournament Schedule is as follows:

  • March 9
  • April 13
  • May 11
  • June 8
  • July 13
  • August 10
  • September 7
  • October 2013 (TBA)

*Tournament date is subject to adjustment.

Class S – Class A System for CS:GO

GMPGL CS:GO will also utilize a Class S – Class A system. Top 8 teams of the league are considered Class S while the rest are Class A. The six Class S teams for CS:GO are selected based on the following outstanding achievements:

Class S: Play Up – Play Down (PUPD) Stage

In GMPGL CS:GO, we have what we call the Play Up – Play Down (PUPD) Stage. Class S teams will face off against each other in one match each where the winners proceed to the upper bracket in the top 8 while losers go into the lower bracket. The PUPD is slated this February 8 (Friday).


Class A

Class A is the venue for those who want to become the next biggest contender for a CS:GO championship title. This is an online single elimination tournament for Filipino teams where the finalists advance into the Class S division. Class A is scheduled this February 9 (Saturday) 12:00 PM.

Class S: Playoffs

The already seeded six teams will be joined by two more teams from Class A to complete the eight teams of Class S. The playoffs is a double elimination tournament with four teams starting in the upper bracket while the other four in the lower bracket.


Place Prize GMPGL Points
1st PhP 5,000 25
2nd PhP 3,000 18
3rd PhP 2,000 15
4th PhP 1,000 12
5th USD 25 Steam Wallet 10
6th USD 25 Steam Wallet 8
7th USD 25 Steam Wallet 6
8th USD 25 Steam Wallet 4

Registration Fee

Class S teams only

P1000/team, PC Time


Top GMPGL CS:GO teams to Asian Cyber Games PH 2013

So what are you waiting for? you’ve wished for this and we’ve answered. It’s your time to do your part. Register now and show us what you’ve got. Who knows maybe you’ll be the next Asian Cyber Games representative. See you there!


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